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Haunted Bible on Sale

Or, Do You Believe In Ghosts?

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Haunted Bible on Sale on Ebay for $180,000

Written by Billy Hallowell, Feb. 2016

A seller in the U.K. has placed a “highly haunted” Bible on eBay, asking prospective buyers for a stunning $180,000 to purchase the holy book.

The seller claims that a friend who owns the book was “attacked several times by spirits” soon after gaining possession of it, and is so terrified that she no longer wants it.

“The last time she was attacked, she was pulled by her hair and dragged down the stairs getting bruises all over her body, which is when she thought enough was enough and she decided to give it to me so I could keep it for her in my empty house in Cumbria (England), while I was living in America,” the official item description reads.

The seller continued, “She didn’t want to get rid of it then, as it had sentimental values to her.”

The [seller said that they are] also “scared of keeping it.” For the time being, the book is apparently in an empty room inside of a “local ancient church.”

“I decided to put it up for sale, but because I know it is a very valuable antique item with its cover being leather, and having both black & white and colorful pictures throughout the whole book, which as I have been told dates back to the 1800s, hence the high staring bid!” they wrote.

The text concludes by saying that psychics examined the Bible and found that “many spirits are attached” to it, offering up a cryptic warning to anyone who has enough money to purchase it.

“I accept no responsibility for any poltergeist activities that this Bible might bring into your dwellings,” the seller said. “And I’m not to be held accountable to any incidents of the sort.”

An offer for £50,000 was already reportedly turned down, as the seller believes that the Bible holds the power to bring in a larger sum, the News & Star reported.

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AHS Hotel? How About Real Haunted Hotels

Or, Enough Ghost Stories To Keep You Up At Night

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Truly Haunted Hotels For American Horror Story Hotel Inspiration

Written by Sean Erickson, Apr. 2015

In honor of American Horror Story: Hotel, we took a look at the classic motels and hotels that have made for some good to great cinema in the past. But what real life haunted hotels can American Horror Story season 5 use to creep the living daylights out of television viewers? Like John Cusack’s character in the movie 1408, let’s take a tour of the most notoriously haunted hotels in the US, shall we?

Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

crescent hotel
Crescent Hotel

Why not start the list off with the hotel that actually owns the URL, America’s Most Haunted Hotel? The Crescent Hotel is one of many supposedly haunted establishments that had a previous life as a dubious hospital before it was turned into the infamous hotel it is now. Unfortunately, while it was a “health resort”, it was under the control of a Norman G. Baker who had no real medical knowledge whatsoever and instead peddled “cures” for cancer which turned out to be nothing more that giving patient’s spring water.

Theodora is the most famous of the hotel’s ghosts, a victim of cancer and one of Baker’s clients, she appears as an apparition at the foot of the bed in “Theodora’s Room” at the Crescent Hotel – the second most requested room at the hotel, apparently. There’s also Norman Baker himself, who is also rumored to be haunting the premises along with many other mysterious guests – including the Irish stonemason Michael, who fell to his death while working on the construction of the hotel.

The hotel was even featured on a season 2 episode of Ghost Hunters, where they captured a full body apparition of a creepy guy in a top hat nodding his head. Book your room now, folks!

Hotel Parq Central – Albuquerque, New Mexico

parq central hotel
Hotel Parq Central / Memorial Hospital

Is a former health resort not spooky enough? How about a former mental hospital?

Trip Advisor calls the Hotel Parq Central “An Oasis, Slightly Haunted”. If you don’t mind whispery voices floating around you, the occasional cold spot enveloping you out of nowhere, or your sheets being torn from your bed in the middle of the night, this could be your ideal destination on your next stay in the American Southwest.

Previously known as the Memorial Hospital, the psychiatric institution has seemed to bring many of its former patients with it into the building’s new life as a hotel. The top floor of the right wing of the building seems to be the best place to spot the ghost of a woman hanging out and watching over the residents of the hotel. Even while it was a functioning hospital is is said that former patients and staff alike were routinely treated to floating objects, haunting voices and unexplained phenomena that gave them nightmares for years to come.

Retlaw Plaza Hotel – Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

retlaw hotel
Retlaw Plaza Hotel, Room 717

Formerly a Ramada Inn that was formerly a nursing home which was a psychiatric hospital before that, the Retlaw Plaza Hotel has another haunted history that is right up American Horror Story‘s alley. Ratings on Trip Advisor can be summed up with, “Loved the hotel, not the ghost.”

Aside from its ghost producing past life as a psychiatric hospital, the hotel also sits on top of tunnels that were used by Chicago gangsters for clandestine meetings and other nefarious things. At some point the hotel’s owner Walter (that’s Retlaw spelled backwards) Schroeder was murdered in the hotel and his spirit haunts the place to this day.

Room 717 is the hotel’s hotbed for paranormal activity but residents and staff say the ghostly activity doesn’t stop there. In fact staff kept a daily log of weird activity which includes hair pulling, televisions changing channels, lights and faucets going on and off, banging on the walls, disembodied male voices, phantom footsteps and unseen bodies bumping into people. There are even sightings of a redheaded woman in a white robe disappearing into the walls.

If all this ins’t enough, it is believed that two of the hotel’s ghosts are man who hung himself on the second floor, which is now the ballroom, and a ballerina who jumped out of her seventh floor room window.

The Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, Colorado

Stanley Hotel
Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel, and the infamous Room 217, is where Stephen King was staying when the idea for The Shining came upon him.

Both of the original hotel proprietors, F.O and Flora Stanley are said to haunt the hotel and can be heard playing piano at odd hours throughout the hotel. There are also numerous reports of lights and faucets going on and off and items suddenly being flung across hotel rooms.

Perhaps the creepiest tales form the Stanley Hotel have to do with the ominous sounds of children playing that can be heard in the halls of the hotel and behind the closed doors of Room 408. But when guests go to investigate there are no children. Guests of Room 408 also report to have left the room for a short period only to return and find the entire room trashed and creepy hand prints of small children all over the mirrors. *shudder*

The Stephen King tale has probably made The Stanley Hotel the most investigated haunted hotel in America, if not the world. Nothing sends shivers up the spine like ghostly kids who love to terrorize the guests at hotels in their spare time.

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Evil Spirits Attack Reporters

Or, Did Ghosts Push CNN Reporters Down The Stairs?

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Evil Spirits Attacked CNN Reporter

Written by Sandra Weyant, Apr. 2015

The "shadow man" caught on film.
The “shadow man” caught on film.

While filming a live segment about a haunted house located in Hanover, Pa., a CNN reporter claimed that an evil entity attacked her and one of the crew members.

This was no ordinary spook, and it was more than hearing a strange noise in the house. The Examiner called attention to the event that occurred last summer, as the Pennsylvania family is still being haunted by unidentified apparitions inhabiting their property.

Reporter Katie Kyros said that she and her crew members were reportedly scratched and then pushed down the stairs.

The CNN reporters were in the middle of an interview with homeowner Deanna Simpson when Kyros’ photojournalist Nick started feeling a burning sensation in his arm, according to The Examiner.

When Kyros examined Nick’s arm, she found red marks and scratches, and admitted that during the interview she was “touched and pinched.”

Simpson revealed that the reporters weren’t the only ones who experienced the mysterious touches. She said that it has happened to her and her husband, as well as friends. Before Nick revealed what had happened to him, Simpson already knew, and said that the spirits harmed the reporters because they were there to expose and tell the story.

“That is their way of a warning, because you’re putting it out there,” Simpson said.

The crew members also saw strange lights cast on the walls and heard noises before even going into the basement.

Simpson believes that there are multiple negative spirits residing in her home, and because of her unrest, she placed a camera in the basement with hopes to catch the evil entity. The camera is equipped with a motion sensor feature, and it picked up a shadowy figure that she claims to have seen before.

She showed the photo of the nearly 7-foot shadow to Kyros and her crew, and explained that she will have difficulty selling the house because of the demon that she thinks is attached to the home.

“When it came on me, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t move,” Simpson told CNN of the black figure.

The homeowner has also witnessed other strange sightings, including a creepy black hand near one of the bedrooms upstairs. While the crew was there, they allegedly filmed the basement door closing by itself upon Simpson’s command.

“If that is you, would you please shut that door?” she asked, and within one second, it closed.

The family has tried multiple ways – mediums, paranormal investigators and priests – to rid the house of evil, but nothing has worked. They have lived in the home for seven years, and Simpson said her daughters refuse to stay there.

Simpson believes that a series of “grisly deaths” occurred in her home, and she wants to prove to people what her family encounters on a daily basis.

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Is Mold Making You See Ghosts?

Or, The Strange Link Between Mold And Haunted Houses

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Seen a Ghost? Then You May Have Inhaled Toxic Mold

Written by Sophie Freeman, Apr. 2015

seen a ghost

If you think you have seen a ghost, you may have been suffering the effects of exposure to mould, according to a group of scientists.

Researchers claim that older buildings where hauntings are usually reported, often have poor air quality from pollutants like toxic mould, which can affect our brains.

Exposure to the mould can cause mood swings, irrational anger and cognitive impairment.

‘Experiences reported in many hauntings are similar to mental or neurological symptoms reported by individuals exposed to toxic moulds,’ said Professor Shane Rogers of Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York.

‘Psychoactive effects of some fungi are well-known, whereas the effects of others such as indoor moulds are less researched.

‘Although allergy and asthma symptoms and other physiological effects are well established, there has long been controversy over the effects of indoor mould exposure on cognitive and other functioning of the brain.

‘Reports of psychiatric symptoms including mood swings, hyperactivity, and irrational anger, as well as cognitive impairment are prevalent among those exposed to moulds.

‘Other reports include depression and loss of memory function.

‘More recent work is emerging that supports brain inflammation and memory loss in mice exposed to Stachybotrys charatarum, a common indoor air mould, as well as increased anxiety and fear.’

Professor Rogers is currently leading a team of researchers measuring air quality in several reportedly haunted places around New York State.

The group will compare samples taken from several buildings where ghost sightings have been reported with samples taken from properties with no paranormal activity, to see if there is a difference in the types of fungi.

Professor Rogers said: ‘I have long been a fan of ghost stories and shows related to investigation of haunted places and have to admit to some strange occurrences in my own past.

‘Many of the places under investigation and from my own experiences may be prime environments for mould and other indoor air quality issues.

‘We would like to see if we can parse out some commonality between the mould microbiome in places that are haunted relative to those that are not.’ 

The team have only just begun their investigations, but have been to a handful of ‘haunted’ buildings to collect samples, as well as properties with mould, but no connection to ghosts.

‘In one historic house turned into an office building there have been reports of noises, moving ceiling tiles, moving items on shelves and desks, apparitions, and a general feeling of unease among building occupants,’ he said.

‘There have been long-standing stories of some of the original family members still occupying the place.

‘In another location, the Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg New York, there is a long history of ghost stories involving the former occupants and others.

‘A week prior to our visit, they had a visit from a psychic who took a reading in several rooms in the museum that we then used to target our air quality studies.

‘She reported a few “folks” came to speak with her, children running in and out of some of the rooms in the house, and a woman that claimed she was “not won in a poker game”, which was related to a long-time story related to the Remington family.

‘So far, we haven’t been spooked out of a location, but time will tell.’

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Haunted House 666 Years in the Making

Or, Take A Peek Inside Ireland’s Most Haunted House

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666 Years in the Making; Is This Ireland’s Most Haunted House?

Written by Pol O Conghaile, Mar. 2015

Ireland Haunted
Loftus Hall, Ireland.

Irish Ghost Hunters (IGH) visited Loftus Hall on Wexford’s Hook Peninsula to carry out several paranormal investigations this March.

The spectre-seekers found “major temperature drops” as well as “significant spikes” in electro-magnetic fields (EMF) in some areas of the house, they say.

“Our team is scientific, we don’t work with psychics or mediums,” Tina Barcoe, Location Manager and Lead Investigator with IGH, told Independent Travel.

“We go in with our equipment and try to debunk everything before we say it is paranormal. But there were things that happened at Loftus that we just couldn’t debunk.”

Those things included mysterious footsteps, readings indicating “an energy source” close by, and responses on a K2 meter (EMF) “which seemed to be in connection to our questions,” Barcoe says.

“Our investigation left us with more questions than answers.”

Of course you might say that such reports are coincidences, unverifiable, impossible to replicate – or just plain hogwash.

But they still make a good story.

Loftus Hall cuts a desolate dash on the Hook Peninsula. And somewhat creepily, there is said to have been a dwelling on the site since 1350 – almost 666 years.

Its most chilling story concerns a dark stranger who was called to the mansion one foggy night in 1765.

Lost on the Hook, the stranger was invited into the then-Tottenham household, and soon found himself playing cards and making an impression on a daughter of the house, Anne Tottenham.

As the stakes grew higher, Anne dropped her cards onto the floor. Dipping down to recover her hand, she saw that the stranger had a cloven hoof.

Unmasked as the devil, the stranger is said to have bolted through the roof in a ball of fire.

loftus hall roof
The roof of Loftus Hall.

“The very same roof has been irreparable ever since,” says Aidan Quigley, owner of Loftus Hall.

Quigley, who acquired the house in 2011 and has been developing it into a visitor attraction on the Hook Peninsula since, revealed the Irish Ghost Hunters’ findings in advance of its seasonal re-opening for 2015 – so there’s assuredly a hint of theatrics behind the latest tales of terror.

Loftus Hall has its skeptics, and other buildings (such as Leap Castle, for instance) vie with it for the title of Ireland’s most haunted, but it continues to throw up crashes and bumps in the night.

Last year, it hit the international headlines when tourist Thomas Beavis, 21, snapped what appeared to be a ghostly apparition (below) in a window of the Hall.

ireland haunted 2
A ghost caught on film in 2014.

The figure, claimed to be that of Anne Tottenham, quickly went viral.

“I zoomed in to find this girl in the window,” Beavis later said.

“I had to take some time before I showed it to everyone just because I didn’t really understand what I was looking at.”

Skeptics might wonder why the face of the ‘ghost’ appears sharper than the girl in the pink top, whether it’s a reflection, or just call it a hoax.

Quigley insists, however, that he and his team continue to notice “strange goings-on… such as light bulbs not working and frosty temperature drops in certain areas of the house.”

So is it, or isn’t it, Ireland’s most haunted?

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Woman Haunted by Dead Brother

Or, Is This Woman’s Brother Haunting Her From The Grave?

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Woman Claims She’s Being Attacked by the Ghost of her Brother

ghost of brother

For the past six years, Donna Ayres has been plagued by a series of disturbing supernatural experiences. The mother-of-four from England has witnessed everything from the casual levitation of spoons, to light fixtures swinging violently without any wind, and once she was badly bruised from a spirit pinning her down to a bed.

Before you jump to the very logical conclusion that Donna’s house must be haunted, we should note that she’s moved five times since these eerie instances started happening and no matter where she goes, she can’t escape the ghoul who she believes is the ghost of her brother.

“Ever since my brother died strange things have occurred in every house I’ve lived in, it’s been a living hell.”

She says that she and her brother had a very troubled relationship adding, “Perhaps that’s why he’s come back to haunt me.”

“The paranormal activity first started in 2009, around the time my brother died, when I began to hear bangs at night, and then scratches appeared on the wall. Since these first encounters I’ve had nothing but rampant paranormal activity in every house I’ve lived in, I’m just at the end of my rope.”

“I have even woke up with bruises some mornings, despite not being in contact with anyone.”

We know one thing’s for certain—someone is messing with this woman. Whether or not it’s actually a poltergeist, we can’t say.

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Haunted Mansion History Mystery

Or, Discover The Origins Of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Ride

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Haunted Mansion History Mystery

Written by Sara Hofstein in Dec. 2014

haunted savannah 1
Hamilton-Turner House, Savannah, Georgia


In Savannah, Georgia, the dead are just as important as the living. Graveyards and majestic homes named after their prominent former owners are found all over Savannah’s downtown area. If you’re downtown, it’s likely that you’re walking on a dead body. Many a graveyard was paved over to make way for wider roads and the grand homes that were built in the 19th century. With its Spanish moss-covered trees, Savannah is said to be one of the most haunted cities in America.  It was no wonder, then, when I heard that the Hamilton-Turner House, now an inn that was built in 1873, was one of the models for Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

The Hamilton-Turner Inn is a beautiful Second Empire-style home built on Lafayette Square and was the first home in Savannah to have electricity. The original owner was the president of the local electric company, and it is said that a crowd gathered outside the home to watch the lights turn on, thinking that the home would explode.  It is also one of many Savannah homes rumored to have a resident ghost.  The story that is heard most often is of a Confederate soldier who roams the halls. The only explanation given for why a Confederate soldier haunts a home built after the Civil War is that the house was built on top of his grave.

Its Second Empire architecture is naturally given to creepiness and made the HM rumor unsurprising. The Addams Family home, the Munsters’, and the Bates home in Psycho are all Second Empire.  I wanted to look into this connection further between the Hamilton-Turner House and the Haunted Mansion.

I did not believe that the current version of the HM was based on the Hamilton-Turner House, as the HM looks more akin to a Louisiana plantation style, even though we know the home is based on the Shipley-Lydecker House in Baltimore.  I turned, instead, to the pre-Ken Anderson drawings to the designs of Harper Goff in the 1950’s.

The coincidences between the two homes began to build. The current Haunted Mansion at DL is on New Orleans Square, while the Hamilton-Turner House is on Lafayette, named after the French nobleman the Marquis de Lafayette. Both homes, then, are located on French-influenced squares.  The original design and the Hamilton-Turner House are located next to churches and in cities with a long connection to the dead.

I reached out to the Hamilton-Turner Inn to get their take on the tale.  Suzy Ridder, the inn’s General Manager, said that she has heard the rumor before but she doesn’t know whether it’s true.  She said she could see the similarities between the Haunted Mansion and the Hamilton-Turner House, but the one thing that was actually similar is the fountain outside each of the homes.

haunted savannah 2
Hamilton-Turner House, Savannah, Georgia
haunted savannah 3
Haunted Mansion, Disneyland, California

I looked into the matter further, to see if I could find more associations.  I found a few dubious sources, such as an article that said the name of the Haunted Mansion home was the Hamilton, and aCNN iReport that said Walt himself sat on a bench in front of the Hamilton-Turner and sketched it. Denise Hildreth’s novel, Savannah From Savannah mentions the story in its pages.

The rumor can be found at the website for the Association of Historic Inns of Savannah, where it says that it was “informally the model for the ‘Haunted Mansion’ at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.”  I figured the website meant Disneyland and not Walt Disney World as non-Disney fanatics often don’t realize that there are differences between the two resorts. They think the rides look the same on both coasts (I wonder how many people know that even the castles are different?).

haunted savannah 4
Haunted Mansion, Disney World, Florida

I reached out to people in Savannah, contacting the three most popular tour companies in order to find out what they knew. Garry Patrick, Program Manager of Ghosts and Gravestones, a subsidiary of the Old Town Trolley tour company, said that he had heard of the rumor but that the house was not a part of their tour program.

Adam Wilkins of Oglethorpe Tours had also heard the story, but he believed it would “make sense that this inn was used as [Walt’s] inspiration.”  He went on further to say that “Walt Disney did, briefly, consider Hutchinson Island [an island off of Savannah’s coast] as a location for Disney World,” but that it wasn’t large enough to accommodate his vision.

The last tour operator to whom I reached out was the Old Savannah Tour Company, which propagates this rumor according to a chat I found on (among other sources stating that tour guides continue to give this info), but my inquiry went unanswered.

I contacted Jeff Baham of to ask him further questions about the Haunted Mansion and the possible connection with the Hamilton-Turner House.  He did not have a definitive answer for Harper Goff’s inspiration, though he imagined that Mr. Goff would have looked at many places and sketched his designs based on something real. In regards to the Hamilton-Turner House, however, all rumors he has heard are false.

Convinced by a Haunted Mansion expert that the story, as fun as it was, was fabricated, I went back to search for the source. The only real connection I found was in the official tour guide handbook published by the city of Savannah. Parts of The Haunted Mansion film were shot in Savannah (though not at the inn), but I knew the rumor was older than 2003. Beyond that, the only mention of the Hamilton-Turner House within the guide was that it was the first in town to have electricity. The similarities between the two haunted homes began to unravel.

The long-established name of the Haunted Mansion home, though not necessarily considered canon, is the Gracey Mansion, not the Hamilton, thus debunking the article.  On the same message board where I found the Old Savannah Tour Company tip, I found a name for a person who might have begun the rumor, a woman named Nancy Hillis. This tale suddenly began to make sense. Like all good Savannah stories, the Haunted Mansion rumor begins with “the Book.”

There is only one book in Savannah known simply as the Book, and surprisingly it’s not the Bible. It’s John Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, a tell-all of Savannah in the 1980’s that Clint Eastwood turned into a film starring John Cusack and Kevin Spacey in 1997. If you live in Savannah for any amount of time, you will somehow become linked to the Book without even trying. I moved to Savannah in 2003 and left when I went off to college in 2007. In those four short years, I learned that one of my favorite diners was a common meeting place in the Book; a story is recounted in the pages of when the protagonist, Jim Williams, had a run-in with my synagogue when he placed Nazi flags on his house, which is right across the square from my temple (though he only placed the flags in order to stop a film crew from shooting a made-for-TV movie about Lincoln’s assassination in front of his home).  I went to high school with the grandson of Jim Williams’ archenemy and neighbor, and my school was also mentioned in the Book. I moved to Savannah 20 years after the novel’s events, and somehow my life can be found in its pages.

John Berendt changed Nancy Hillis’ name to Mandy, and the character became John Cusack’s love interest in the film. In reality (and in the novel), she was the girlfriend of Joe Odom, a man who knew how to have a good time and who threw the most raucous parties. Hillis owned the Hamilton-Turner House in the 1990’s.

I was once told by an employee at the Andrew Low House, another stately mansion located on the same square as the Hamilton-Turner House (and where I worked for one summer), that there is no need to tell false stories in Savannah as all the best ones are true, but passing off tales as the truth seems to be a Savannah pastime. Nancy Hillis was no exception. She falsely claimed many times that she was once Miss Tennessee, and was successfully sued for it, and it seems that she was the one who began the Haunted Mansion rumor in order to drum up business for her failed venture.

I asked a Manager of the Hamilton-Turner Inn if she knew if the Haunted Mansion tale had originated with Nancy Hillis, and she said that she had never heard of that.  When pressed for more information about Ms. Hillis, the Manager reiterated the Miss Tennessee story that I had found in prior research, implying that Ms. Hillis was prone to making up stories.

I dug through the archives of the Savannah Morning News and found an article in their Accent Diversionssection from July 15, 1994 titled “Haunted Mansion Mystery Show Begins At Hamilton-Turner House.” Hamilton-Turner produced an interactive murder mystery play in the 90’s based off the success of the Book, titled Murder in the Garden of Good and Evil. Though there is no mention of the connection between the Hamilton-Turner House and the Haunted Mansion, listings can be found for the following weeks announcing the program as the Haunted Mansion Mystery Shows.  This must be around the time when the rumor began. Savannahians saw a story and ran with it—what was once a murder mystery play at the Hamilton-Turner house called the Haunted Mansion turned into the Hamilton-Turner House becoming the basis for the Haunted Mansion, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nancy Hillis supported such a rumor.

With just a little digging, the truth behind the Haunted Mansion tale was not too hard to find. The story, in some way, originated with Nancy Hillis and quickly became Savannah legend.  Ironically, the Savannah Morning News says the reason the victim was murdered in the Hamilton-Turner House’s Haunted Mansionplay was because “he made up stories about the city.”

Do you like a good ghost story? Then you’d probably love Savannah! Although it’s highly unlikely that the city inspired Disney’s Haunted Mansion, you’d be hard pressed to find a town which evokes the beautiful eeriness of the Haunted Mansion better than Savannah, GA.

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Haunted House In Kentucky

Or, Peek Inside The Haunted Spirit House

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Mystery Monday: Haunted House in Scott County

Written by in Dec. 2014

haunted kentucky

Nestled in Scott County is what appears to be a normal house, wonderfully decorated for Christmas.  But lurking inside is a secret.  Well, not necessarily a secret since it’s known around the county to be haunted.

The homeowners are used to it, but there’s proof that at one point, whoever lived there before was certainly frightened by whatever mystery was hiding between the walls.

Homeowner Dean Jessie says that if you just stick around long enough, anyone will be able to see why it is refereed to as The Spirit House. “I would say 3 or 4 times a week it could be in the daytime or the or it could be in the evening that you would experience the spirits in this house,” says Jessie. He’s lived there for ten years and says that he’s not alone. Jessie claims that there are five spirits there with him; a man in the basement, two maids, a little girl on the third floor and … Maggie.

“She built this house. This is her dream, and I could understand why she would be attached to this house,” said Jessie about Maggie.

But there are some things in his house that even Jessie doesn’t understand.  There are rooms that were completely sealed off, staircases leading to the third floor that were removed and bizarre markings above every single door. Jessie describes the markings as “ancient symbols for protection from evil spirits.” He’s convinced that there was something that happened there that everyone was afraid of and that’s what’s keeping the mystery in this house in Scott County.

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Most Haunted Sites In India

Or, Are You Brave Enough To Step Foot In One Of These Haunted Places?

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Are You Brave Enough To Step Foot In The 5 Most Haunted Places In India?

Written by in Dec. 2014

haunted india

A few questions are better off unanswered, like do ghosts exist. Is there a parallel world? What if someone watches you while you sleep? A calling from the paranormal, we bring to you some of India’s most spooky places.
If you wish to seek answers from the unseen, be their guests.
Bhangarh Alwar, Rajasthan:
Bhangarh located between Jaipur and Delhi in Rajasthan, is not just known as the most haunted place in India but also popular across the world for its paranormal activity.
This place has a ‘no entry after dark’ sign put up by the Archaeological Survey of India.
Ramoji Film Studio, Hyderabad:
Ramoji Film Studio was built on the war grounds of Nizams and locals believe that ghosts of dead soldiers haunt the place.
Golconda Fort, Hyderabad:
Rumors say that the souls of various Qutub Shah rulers still roam in the Golconda Fort, many have claimed hearing strange sounds from the ancient palaces at night.
The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai:
Many still believe that the chief engineer of The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, W. A. Chambers, killed himself after discovering that it was built in the reverse direction.
Many claim that they have seen a spirit floating in the corridors, which resembles the engineer himself.
The Savoy, Mussoorie:
This holiday hotel dates back to 1902. It is said that the corridors of this hotel are haunted by the ghost of Lady Garnet Orme, who was found dead in mysterious circumstances.
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Abandoned Haunted Pub Nobody Wants To Buy

Or, How To Buy A Piece Of British History

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Abandoned Pub Nobody Wants To Buy Because Of Ghost Of Black-Eyed Girl

Written by Matt Payton in Oct. 2014

4 crosses pub.jpg

You can take your pick – a drunk ghost called Charlie, a heartbroken damsel called Emily, a Roundhead soldier spirit or a black eyed little girl dressed in rags..

This menagerie of poltergeists live in the now abandoned Staffordshire pub, the Four Crosses which dates back to 1636.

This property with its 10 bedrooms and a car park with a capacity for 80 vehicles will set you back a value-laden £325,000.

If you are interested and have children, just make sure none of them ‘can see dead people.’

Chris Arnold, who runs ghost-themed events said of the haunted pub: ‘I have hosted events at haunted buildings throughout the country and I have to say the Four Crosses Inn is probably the most haunted.

‘We have experienced so much there but a piano playing by itself on command was the most dramatic.’


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