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Author Interview with Suza Kates

Author Interview with Suza Kates

Or, Meet Savannah Coven Author Suza Kates

Boys' Night Out 2


Dr. Michael Black’s world has seen a lot of changes over the past year, and falling for a witch who chats with his animal patients has been the best one by far. He’s decided to make it official, so the men associated with the coven insist on helping him celebrate.

Michael is popping the question to the woman he loves, the coven has only two trials to go before the prophecy is fulfilled, and the guys want to throw him a bachelor party. Sounds like a plan.

And no demon is going to stand in his way.

Anna Abner: Welcome Suza! Thanks for stopping by. Can you tell us when you knew you were a writer?

Suza Kates: In 2001, I began writing to keep myself entertained in my tiny apartment in Germany. I had no TV, was out of books, and it was too cold to go to the library! After a few chapters, I was hooked on writing.

AA: And you chose to write paranormal romances. What was it about paranormals that drew you in?

SK: The darkness, danger, and infinite possibilities.

AA: Would you ever write in other genres?

SK: Sure, I already have some romantic suspense titles out and have an adventure series in the plotting stages.

AA: What inspired you to write the Savannah Coven series?

SK: As a fan of Nora Roberts’ Three Sisters Island trilogy, I wanted to write something with witches. I’ve always enjoyed stories with friendships and camaraderie, so this was an element I wanted to include in the Savannah Coven books. The place…well, I live in Savannah and had easy access!

AA: How much research is involved in your novels?

SK: I always research places to make sure I’m as accurate as possible, but it honestly depends on what I’m including in the book. My adventure/historical work takes a lot more research than paranormal or suspense.

AA: What is your day-to-day process like?

SK: It varies, but the planning and plotting start long before I actually get to chapter one. I must have a candle burning, though.  : )

AA: What a great detail! I’ll bet it helps you come up with spooky new ideas. When you’re not plotting by candlelight, what authors do you enjoy reading?

SK: Jennifer Estep, Julie Kagawa, Kathy Reichs, Kresley Cole. I have plenty more and read every day.

AAI’m also a Romance Writers of America (RWA) member. Can you describe the benefits of being a member?

SK: Education that is invaluable. My first RWA changed my life, and that’s not just an expression. I received guidance and encouragement, and being around so many other authors really amps you up!

AA: I agree completely. You’ve mentioned needing a candle burning as part of your creative process. Any favorite snack or drink that sits next to your keyboard?

SK: Coffee in the morning and chai tea in the evening (my recipe, low cal and almost as good as Starbucks!)

AA: Sounds delicious! Last question. What can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

SK: After the last two books in the Savannah Coven Series, I have another paranormal series coming out. A quadrology, if that’s a word. If not…it is now! All I can reveal at this point is there will be magic, but the world and environment will be very different from the SCS.

AA: Thanks again, Suza, for stopping by.

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Twitter: @Suza Kates

<3 Anna

Author Christine Rains Teases Spell of Summoning

Author Christine Rains Teases Spell of Summoning

Or, Teaser Tuesday With The Dark Caster


“Yeah.” It wasn’t that she didn’t or couldn’t trust Kristin, but how did a person admit they were being possessed by a demon? 

Good line for being a random page, don’t you think?

Check out the post here.

<3 Anna

Fun at the Carnival

Fun at the Carnival

Or, Hanging Out At The County Fair

I am not a fan of heights. I can fake bravery and act like it’s all cool, but I really do not like heights. Add that to sketchy ride operators and (I’m assuming) nonexistent safety inspections and I can freak out a bit at the carnival.

Okay. Honestly? I cried once.

And that’s all I’m going to say about it.

The view from the mega ferris wheel.
The view from the mega ferris wheel.

2013-10-03 19.01.04

2013-10-03 20.29.44

The night ended with fireworks! How cool is that?
The night ended with fireworks! How cool is that?

<3 Anna

5 Star Review for Spell of Summoning

5 Star Review for Spell of Summoning

Or, A Great Review For The 1st Book In The Dark Caster Series


Here is a great review of Spell of Summoning by 13th Floor author Christine Rains. You can see the original review here.

Holden Clark would rather hide out in his house with his dog and fix the place up than mingle with people. But his Grams, or rather, the ghost of his Grams, urges him to help Rebecca Powell who has a demon possession spell cast on her. He’s a necromancer with little experience, but he has to learn a heck of a lot to help Rebecca or she’ll lose her soul to the demon.

This is a great paranormal romance with a fresh take on necromancers. Necromancers do usually get a bad rep in the paranormal world, but in this book, they’re like any other magic user in that they can be good or bad. Some are born and some are made, but it’s a fascinating take on them. Holden is the perfect necromancer paladin too. Strong, moral, and handsome. He’ll do the right thing no matter what it takes.

Rebecca is the perfect complement to him. She’s feisty and independent. She has a successful career and is not in the business of being rescued by anyone. Though it is hard to resist sexy Holden!

While I guessed who was the evil necromancer, the joy was in the journey. A wonderful romantic plot that was sizzling and sweet along with excellent characterization.

I’ll definitely be picking up the next one in this series.

Thanks, Christine!

<3 Anna

The Curse of the Overworked Openings

The Curse of the Overworked Openings

Or, The UNDERworked Middles and Endings

I read a historical romance lately that disappointed me and it wasn’t the first time. I call it the 1st 50 pages dilemma. To win contests and catch the attention of literary agents our first 50 pages (or first 3 chapters) better shine. Of course we’re going to polish those pages until every word, every phrase, is perfect.

But what about page 51? Or page 186?

This novel I just started a couple months ago had the most amazing opening I’ve read in a long time. It sparkled. The characters leapt off the page. The dialogue dazzled. I could not get enough. I raved about it to anyone who would listen.

And then around page 50 the writing flatlined. Because the beginning was so, so good I read all the way to page 125, but by that time I was so disheartened I stopped reading. Nothing was happening! Which is unbelievable because the heroine had run away from home and stowed away on a ship destined to run down a notorious pirate. What’s more exciting than that!? But the heroine gets everything she wants. All the crusty sailers have lovely manners. She insults her host, with no repercussions. The mysterious coded message she receives from a pirate is simple enough a child could crack it.

I’m so disappointed I won’t look for any of the author’s other books, let alone finish this one.

And I’ve read too many novels just like it. They start out with a bang, and then they bottom out around chapter 5 and I never finish them.

The lesson I’ve learned is to work that beginning, but don’t set down the red pen after chapter 3. Fine tune every scene with the same enthusiasm and critical eye you give to the opening. Your readers will thank you.

<3 Anna

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