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Gaming Bringing People Together

Or, How I Make New Friends at the Salon

My phone went off at the nail salon today. The alert is the sound effect in Super Mario Bros when you get a one up. My Vietnamese manicurist, who doesn’t know much English, looks up and says, “Mario?”

I just laughed and nodded. “Yep. Mario.”

<3 Anna

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I’m Headed to Atlanta!

Or, Look Out RWA, Here I Come

I’ll soon be flying to Atlanta to attend the Romance Writers of America national conference, and I can’t wait! The books, the authors, the workshops, the luncheons, the swag, the new friends!

The RWA conference is one of the highlights of my year, and this is the first year I’ll be attending as a published author. So, my attitude and goals are very different. Instead of focusing on workshops about craft or characters I’ll be zeroing in on workshops about marketing, branding, and the ebook boom.

Sounds fun, right?

<3 Anna


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My Kind of Hero

Or, Why I Love Damaged Heroes

Here is one of my favorite songs. It reminds me of every hero I’ve ever written because, in some way, they’re all aching and alone. Damaged characters are the most interesting, in my opinion. You’ll never see me write a happy, well-adjusted hero. Because he wouldn’t be any fun to redeem in the end.

So enjoy a little pathos with Jason Walker’s haunting song “Echo.”

<3 Anna

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I am Sherlocked

Or, Why Didn’t You Tell Me How Fantastic Sherlock Is?


I watched the new Star Trek movie and thought Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job as the villain. Tall, deep voice, British accent–what’s not to love? So, I finally checked out the BBC’s Sherlock on Netflix (Isn’t Netflix awesome?).


And I fell in love immediately! By the end of the first episode I was hooked. Completely.

The writing is so smart, the characters are very well developed, and yet the series stays faithful to the original source while “modernizing” it at the same time.

Now, like all the other fans I am impatiently waiting for the third season to premiere after crying over the second season finale. While I wait I can re-watch all six episodes and fantasize along to “Sherlock + Watson” YouTube videos.

My favorite, so far, is this one. Beautiful song, beautiful clips, and a re-written ending.

And, side note, Benedict Cumberbatch is a redhead. I have a weakness for those. ūüėČ

<3 Anna

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Spring Break Road Trip (Part 2 of 2)

Or, A Photo Journal Of My Explorations Of Eastern Virginia

Our first night in Williamsburg, my daughter and I took a break from touring the Colonial city to find dinner. I had grandiose ideas of eating in a tavern, served by candlelight by actors in period costume. Those of you who have visited the city before could have warned me those reservations sell out days (possibly weeks) in advance. Our next best idea was to dine in a local establishment outside of the historical district. But by the time we found an Italian bistro, we had fifteen minutes to eat in order to make a variety show at the Kimball Theater. We ended up being ten minutes late and frazzled.

So, what did we do for dinner on night two? Rolled up to the Golden Corral. I love the south!

Stop 4: Art Museum, Williamsburg, VA

The folk art exhibit at the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum at Colonial Williamsburg was overflowing with beautiful and quirky works of art by untrained everyday artists. This bust is extremely lifelike and once graced the bow of a ship. It’s not exactly a mermaid, but I like it!

blog museum 5
This bust of an unknown man carved by an unknown artist was once attached to the bow of a ship in the Great Lakes region.

I fell in love with this portrait at first sight. Isn’t she creepy? Her name was Martha Payne. How perfect is that?

blog museum 7

blog museum 8

This exhibit of non-traditional carousel animals immediately drew my attention for its whimsical and imaginative design. The cat with a fish in its jaws and a saddle on its back would be my first choice!

blog museum 3
Carved by Salvatore Cernigliaro between 1903 and 1928 in Philadelphia, PA.

blog museum 4

Stop 5: Tavern Ghost Tour, Williamsburg, VA

A night photo of the Brick House Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg. Like almost every original building in town, it’s rumored to be haunted. See any ghostly faces in the windows?

blog ghost tour

Stop 6: Jamestowne, VA

As a last minute stop, we toured Jamestown, the site of the first successful British colony in America. And I’m so glad we did!

blog jamestown 4
My daughter freaked out when she saw this crest inside the church. In her RevQuest there was a story about the lion and the unicorn.

I was jumping up and down to take my picture with this gorgeous statue of Pocahontas.

blog author 4The drive home

We ran into all sorts of traffic on the way home, including back to back accidents.

blog traffic

So, my daughter took the opportunity to write in her journal.

blog driving 2

And I took pics of myself. :p

blog driving


<3 Anna


Spring Break Road Trip (Part 1 of 2)

Or, A Photo Journal Of My Explorations Of Eastern Virginia

I love history. There isn’t a historical marker I won’t swerve off the road to investigate.¬†And American history is one of my¬†favorites. The Revolutionary War, the Civil War, Colonies, Explorers, Native Americans… What’s not to love?

The past few years I’ve taken over Spring Break at my house and turned it into an annual history-seeking road trip. Two years ago we visited¬†Roanoke¬†Island (A lifelong dream of mine), Kitty Hawk, and Fort¬†Sumter. Last year we explored the historical districts of Savannah, Georgia. This year we headed north to Virginia to learn more about the Colonial period in American history.

Stop 1: The Creepiest “Haunted” House in North Carolina

I don’t know who owns this house or why it fell into disrepair, but I can’t get enough of it. If I wasn’t afraid some Highway Patrol Officer would cart me away for trespassing I’d explore every¬†dusty, cobwebbed corner. Doesn’t it spark images of antebellum ghosts, pale ladies in long gowns, and supper by candlelight?


blog haunted house 5
blog haunted house 2
Stay out!
Stop 2: Harriet’s Church, Kinston, NC

It started to rain as I trekked toward the Harriet’s Chapel historical site. It didn’t bother me. What’s a little rain when you’re standing on a Civil War battleground? But my daughter wasn’t as excited about this church (not the¬†original)¬†and stayed dry in the car with the iPad.


blog harriet chapel 3

blog harriet chapel 1

Stop 3: Williamsburg, VA

One of the best parts of visiting Colonial Williamsburg with a kid was finishing their historical scavenger hunt called RevQuest. We followed clues around the village, solved a cipher, met a spy, texted clues to receive more clues, and solved a mystery.

blog rev quest will
My little darlin’ texting RevQuest clues.
blog author
Anna Abner 
blog author 2
Bail me out! I haven’t made my daily word count!¬†

And because I’m a total dork I took a picture of this house because of its plethora of pleasing vertical lines.

blog vertical lines

Check back next week for part 2!

<3 Anna

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