Or, I’m Sharing My Fave Romantic Video Montages With You

I’ve dedicated December to the Walking Dead. Enjoy this sweet summary of the best Glenn and Maggie moments.

Video created by Messo

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Or, I Need Your Opinion

After the Dark Caster series ends in Spring ’15, I’ll be writing a new paranormal romance series. If you know me, you know I love zombies. I’m kicking around an idea to include zombies as the villains’ mindless attack dogs.

What do you think? Do you enjoy zombies in your paranormal series?


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Or, Take A Virtual Tour Of Haunted Sites

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Ghosts and Hauntings in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

HAUNTED: The Civic Theater, Hunter Street

The Civic Theatre is said to be haunted by ghosts, and the best known ghost is Joe.

Joe once, apparently, had a long conversation with former Newcastle deputy lord mayor Frank Rigby.

The Civic Theatre stalls.

The Civic Theatre stalls.

The story goes, Mr Rigby was sitting alone in the theatre stalls one evening pondering the shortfall of funds required to renovate the rundown theatre.

That’s when Joe seated himself down next to Mr Rigby and insisted on talking.

Mr Rigby told Joe that there was not enough money in the budget to cover the cost of refurbishing the orchestra pit.

The ghost turned, smiled and told him not to worry about it and that everything would turn out alright.

Not long after, Newcastle was struck by an earthquake. Miraculously the Civic Theatre was spared its destruction, except for one place – the orchestra pit. Insurance covered the cost of its replacement with a new and better pit.

HAUNTED: Miss Porter’s House, King Street

Miss Porter’s House in King Street, Newcastle West, is a heritage listed building. Built in the early 1900s it was the home of the Porter family.

Sisters Ella and Hazel, both spinsters, lived in the house their entire lives.Many visitors to the house, which was bequeathed to the National Trust, claim to have seen the ghosts of the sisters.

It is said the sisters still reside over the home, which the longest surviving sister, Hazel, requested remain untouched after her death. Everything in the home is just as the sisters left it, complete with their clothes, furniture and even teaspoons.

Visitors have reported seeing apparitions of the sisters dressed in slippers and a skirt. There have also been claims the furniture moves around in the house, seemingly all by itself.

HAUNTED: The Old Hunter Street Police Lock-up

The old Newcastle Police Station in Hunter Street operated from 1861 until 1982. And those who believe in ghostly entities say its lock-up is haunted by many, but its best known is the spirit child named Mary.

Ghostly figure captured during an overnight paranormal investigation in the lock-up at the old Newcastle Police Station in Hunter St, Newcastle.

Ghostly figure captured during an overnight paranormal investigation in the lock-up at the old Newcastle Police Station in Hunter St, Newcastle.

Mary walks the jail looking for her parents and a Sydney based team of paranormal investigators claim to have made contact with her and have even recorded her voice.

But Mary is not the only ghost of the lock-up.

Paranormal investigators claim to have photographed what they believe is a ghost (pictured above), possibly a police officer, during one of their overnight camp-outs in the lock-up in 2012.

HAUNTED: Newcastle Court House, Church Street

Newcastle Court House is one of the most ghostly places in town.

There have been many ghost sightings in the Church St building. Jurors have reported feeling as though there were being watched from the upstairs public gallery during trials, claiming that even though they try to concentrate on the trial before them, their attention is repeatedly drawn to the fourth row of seats on the left hand side.

Jurors have also reported hearing the rattling of doors, cold spots throughout the building and the constant feeling of being watched.

One juror described a ghost in a pillbox hat and gloves sitting in the gallery with her hands folded in her lap.

HAUNTED: The Royal Newcastle Hospital, Pacific Street

The Royal Newcastle Hospital operated for almost 190 years. Built by convicts in 1817 it has a rich history of ghost sightings.

Some of the sightings were of the ghosts of patients who died in the hospital – including one woman who continued to set off the buzzer in her hospital room after her death.

Nurses have reported seeing bright lights shining above the beds of recently deceased patients, full bodied aparitions in ward hallways, ghostly workmen walking into lifts and the unsettling appearance of ghost nurses.

There is even a story of a matron who still came to work, years after her death.

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Or, I’m Sharing My Fave Romantic Video Montages With You

I’ve dedicated December to the Walking Dead. Here is a lovely video starring Rick and Michonne. Enjoy!

Video created by xxBrownie95xx

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Or, An Enthusiastic Endorsement For The New Release In The Dark Caster Series

I feel so blessed to have the job I have. Thank you, RC!

SOV quote 1400x2100

SiMPLiREAD’s review of Spell of Vanishing:

Click here for the original post.

This book is brilliant! It is thoroughly gripping and keeps the reader on the edge of the seat. I enjoyed it, needless to say. The plot beautifully blends the paranormal world of the White Wraith, Dark Caster and Cole with the earthly world. It’s a pretty tough job to create a world of where such fantasies are abound.The book combines many genres at one go – drama, suspense, action and dark fantasy. The author is also an excellent story-teller, having conjoined the suspense and thrills in the lives of the protagonists with the ambience. The characters are perky, witty and mentally strong, all at once. If you love reading books that are fascinating and electrifying, with memorable characters, you would love this one as much as I did! 5 out of 5 stars. –RC Bean

<3 Anna

Or, Paranormal Activity Forced Family From Their Home

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Family Moves Out Because House is Haunted

Written by Corinne Clements (Sept. 2014)

Family moves out of haunted house

The family currently renting the home formerly owned by Josh and Susan Powell says they have moved out.

Joanna Aeosana says since she and her family moved in two months ago numerous mysterious events have occurred inside the home. She says the company who leased the house to her never shared the history of the home.

In 2009, Susan Cox Powell disappeared from the home and was never seen again. Her husband, Josh Powell, was the only person of interest in the case. He later ended up killing himself and the couple’s two sons in a house fire in Washington State.

Aeosana says she was unaware of the Powells’ story and says, almost from the moment her family moved in, strange things have been happening.

“I hear people crying when I’m showering,” she told 2News.

Aeosana also says the garage door opens and closes on its own. Most recently, she said her 1-year-old son was talking to an empty swing in the front yard and saying, “Go away, leave me alone.”

Aoesana says she didn’t know about the history of the home until a neighbor told her. In the last few days, she said her family has moved out and is asking that the company who leased out the home, American Homes 4 Rent, help them find a different place to live or allow them to get out of the lease. The home is being held in a trust as the details of the estate are being worked out.

Real estate agents are not required to disclose the personal history of the home, but Aeosana says they should have a moral or ethical obligation to do so.

“I believe they should have told me,” said Aoesana. “I just don’t want to be in there.”

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Or, My Thoughts On The Illustrated Case Of H.H. Holmes

beast of chicago

Usually, I restrict myself to unsolved murder cases from history, but reading about Jack the Ripper led me to the horrific crimes of H.H. Holmes. Maybe I was so interested because we still know so little about his crimes, even how many people (mostly women) he actually killed in his “castle.” The fact that this upstanding businessman had a castle full of torture chambers is astonishing in itself.

Rick Geary’s illustrated casebook, The Beast of Chicago: the Murderous Career of H.H. Holmes, is a wonderful introduction to the subject, and I feel like I don’t need to read anymore about this man. The book gives all the pertinent information and accompanies it with incredibly detailed line drawings, from Holmes’ little known childhood to his execution. It’s a quick read. I read it in one sitting. I was also relieved the drawings aren’t too gory. No detailed sketches of torture or the bodies found, which I was glad for since some of his victims were children.

Geary’s volume is a wonderful mash-up of a true crime paperback and a graphic novel. I will be looking for the other books in his Treasury of Victorian Murder series.

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Or, What Happens When You Use Stock Photos For Your Cover

matching covers

During my recent book tour for Spell of Vanishing a reader pointed out the male model on the cover of Spell of Summoning is the same as on the cover of HP Mallory’s Sinjin. And then during the same tour I found an almost identical cover for Vanessa Waltz’s High Stakes as the Spell of Vanishing cover I paid a designer to put together for me.

Insert forehead smack.

But what’s an indie author to do? I can’t afford to photograph my own models or hire artists to create covers from scratch, so I have to use stock photos. Just like almost every other indie author. I suppose, with only a few stock photo sites, it’s inevitable that two authors will choose the same model or graphics. But it still stings when I see it happen.

Are you feeling my pain? lol

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Or, Spell of Summoning On Sale Now




Between Dec. 1, 2014 and January 15, 2015 the first novel in the Dark Caster series is on sale at Amazon for $.99.

Cover Blurb:

Holden Clark walks into Rebecca Powell’s life, a tall, blue-eyed stranger who stirs long forgotten desires. But nothing, including this man, is what it seems. A dark necromancer is targeting Becca for a full-blown demonic possession. She is thrust into a world she never knew existed—a world where dark casters create chaos and necromancers talk to the dead.

Holden has no faith in his power. A necromancer, he communicates with the dead, but he has never embraced his gifts. Now, he has no choice. He must stop the dark caster attacking Rebecca, but accepting this mission means he’ll be delving into dangerous magics he’s never used before.

Under the protection of the damaged and mysterious Holden, Rebecca will question everything …

If you read it, please leave an honest review at Amazon and GoodReads. I would love to hear what you think!

<3 Anna

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