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Tuesday Tease #5

Or, A Short Excerpt from my Upcoming Paranormal Romance Spell of Binding!

The man on his knees said one word, “Constringo.”

Fricking necromancers and their hard-ons for Latin. Regardless of the word’s definition, his spell hit Dani hard, burning from her fingertips to her elbows. A dark spider web tattoo crawled up both forearms.


He’d bound her magic.

Spell of Binding, ms pg 17


<3 Anna

Published inSpell of Binding


  1. Yamal Yamal

    Wow, it’s already exciting! The romance and added magic make it fabulous. I’m going to look back and see if there are excerpt 1-5 somewhere. Anna, keep writing–don’t ever stop!

    • Anna Abner Anna Abner

      I’m glad you liked the excerpt. I’m having a lot of fun writing Dani’s story.

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