Tuesday Tease #7

Or, An Excerpt From My Upcoming Paranormal Romance, Spell of Binding

“How old are you?” David blurted out.

“I’ll be fifteen in a month,” Emi said, narrowing her eyes at him. “So, what did you find?”

“Okay.” Truth time.  David inhaled deeply and then dove in and swam. “I’m a necromancer. I communicate with spirits. Ghosts,” he clarified. “And I have been hanging out—No that sounds stupid. I’ve been talking to your brother quite a bit. He’s been helping me with some spells. But what he really wants to do is talk to you.”

Emi rolled her large, expressive eyes. “Nice try, but my mom is the one you want. She’ll write a check to anyone who says they can talk to Tony.”

Spell of Binding ms pg. 158

<3 Anna

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