Bitten by Paranormal Review of Spell of Summoning

Or, a Good Book Blogger Review of Dark Caster #1

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3 out of 5 howls


I loved Abner’s take on necromancer’s.  It was refreshing to see them portrayed as real people that have a choice to use their powers for good or evil, instead of just automatically being nasty people because of their powers.  Holden is a genuinely good guy with lots of baggage.  Baggage that he is forced to confront head on if he wants to save Becca from demonic possession.  She’s got a particularly nasty demon that is being summoned to take control of her.  Becca and Holden need to find a way to stop it and kill the necromancer controlling it before it’s too late.

Even though I had guessed the bad guy’s identity part way through, the story was written in a way that I kept second guessing myself all along the way.  With lots of action and a deep love between our two characters, it was a fantastic story that kept me very entertained until the very end.


<3 Anna

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