Spell of Binding Cover Reveal

Or, An Update on Book Two in the Dark Caster Series


Spell of Binding (Dark Caster Book Two) cover blurb:

Daniela Ferraro can’t touch people without hurting them. So when she wakes up in the Dark Caster’s cell next to the one man guaranteed to mess with her heart, she will risk anything to escape.

David Wilkes has no idea why he’s been abducted and thrown in a locked room with Dani, the woman who jilted him two years ago. But when the Dark Caster threatens David’s four year old son, David will not stop until Ryan is safe and the evil necromancers tormenting him are destroyed. 

When Dani’s powers are bound and her necromancer friends are out of commission, the only way to protect the people she cares about and keep the Chaos Gate firmly closed is to trust in David. 

But the closer Dani gets to David the more lethal her touch becomes for the only man she’s ever loved.

S.O.B. is with my editor now and I’m thrilled it will be ready for a July 2013 release! Afterwards I’m taking a six month break from the Dark Caster series to develop a young adult paranormal trilogy. But don’t worry! I will return to my necromancers in 2014 with book three–Cole’s story.

<3 Anna

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