Disneyland for New Year’s

My hubby, daughter, and I had the time of our lives at Disneyland Park this year! We hit Smuggler’s Run, all of our favorite rides (all 4 “mountains” and Pirates of the Caribbean) plus a few more just for fun (Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!).

1st sighting–Anna and daughter with Pluto!
Anna ran into the Mad Hatter on her way “off planet.”
Anna and family entering Galaxy’s Edge
Galaxy’s Edge and Smuggler’s Run were so immersive, it felt like I was living inside one of the Star Wars movies. It was so amazing! I loved every minute.
Just so you know, blue milk is a coconut milk blended beverage more like a smoothie than plain cow milk. Yum yum!
Ponchos or not, we still got soaked!
Dinner at dusk in New Orleans Square.
We teased my 15-year-old that this counted as her first driving test. (P.S. she did great!)

<3 Anna

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