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Yell If You See A Ghost!

Yell If You See A Ghost!

Or, Shetland’s Most Haunted Castle

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Shetland’s Most Haunted House Goes Back on the Market

Written by Gabriella Bennett in Feb. 2015


It’s rumoured to be one of Britain’s most haunted houses, but that’s something for its next owners to ascertain because Windhouse, on Yell, is back on the market.

The ruined former Laird’s house, set in walled grounds of around half an acre, enjoys an elevated position just outside the village of Mid Yell, with vistas over the surrounding countryside and to the head of the Whalefirth Voe.

A Grade C listed building believed to be built by the Neven family in the 18th century, Windhouse received restorative planning permission in 2001, which has now lapsed, but preparatory work was carried out a number of years ago to secure permission for a four bedroom property.

Understood to have been occupied until the 1920s, Windhouse comprises many original features including crowstep gable walls, a projecting porch with armorial panel and crenellated wings.

In 2003 the property was bought by Andrew Taylor and his partner Caron Reeves, from Cheshire, with plans to renovate which were not realised.

The Shetland ruin’s ghostly reputation is derived from a 1800s folklore tale. The story dictates that every Christmas Eve a great noise and whirlwind shook the house and by the morning a death had taken place. The householder of the time was preparing to leave when a shipwrecked sailor appeared and faced a trow (troll) at midnight, before slaying the creature with an axe.

Spectral occupants are said to include a servant girl who mounts invisible steps, a man in a top hat, and a ghost dog.

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Haunted Scottish Castle For Sale

Haunted Scottish Castle For Sale

Or, A Murdered Cardinal Haunts This Scottish Estate

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Scottish Castle Haunted by Murdered Cardinal up for Sale

Written by Andrew Clark, Feb. 2015

Ethie Castle in Scotland

A haunted castle near Arbroath has been put up for sale for £1.65 million.

Ethie Castle is believed to be haunted by David Beaton, a 16th century Cardinal who was brutally murdered by a group of protestant lairds.

Cardinal Beaton targeted and arrested a number of Protestant figures and when he arrested preacher George Wishart and had him burned at the stake, a group of Protestant lairds responded by entering St Andrews Castle and savagely murdering the Cardinal before hanging his body out the window.

Before his murder, Beaton live in Arbroath at Ethie Castle and, since his passing, legend his it that his ghost still roams the corridors of the historic building.

As well as the ghost of the Cardinal, guests at the castle have also heard the cries of a child – said to be the young boy whose skeleton was discovered in a secret bricked up room.

As frightening as the ghosts may be, if you can look beyond that, the castle, built in the 14th century, also has plenty of things going for it – it comes with a number of large rooms, tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool and an extensive garden.

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