Photo Of Crying Girl In Orphanage?

Or, Is This Photographic Proof Of Ghosts?

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Haunted? Photo of Ghostly Girl Captured in Abandoned Orphanage

Written in Feb. 2015


A photo of what many believe is the ghostly image of a crying little girl has been captured on camera, peering out of the window of an abandoned orphanage that is known as Liverpool’s most haunted location.

Not only was the building once the Liverpool’s Seaman’s Orphan Institution, it later became Newsham Park Hospital, a medical hospital, and then, just to make things extra creepy, ended its days of actual human occupancy as a mental asylum before it was finally closed down by the city council in 1997.

Abandoned orphanage, former mental asylum — it seems not only plausible that there may be a little ghost girl crying in the window, but reasonable.

The face of the ghostly girl was actually captured through Google’s Street View function. Someone alerted the Liverpool Echo, saying that the face appeared to be that of a ghostly girl crying in the window.


This isn’t the first ghost spotted on the property. Sightings of ghosts have been reported on the top floor and in Ward G. Visitors to the abandoned orphanage have claimed to hear noises and often complain about feeling uneasy while in the building.

Some recent ghost hunters who visited the location also claimed to hear voices and see disappearing circles and white mist.

Even if there were never any ghosts sighted, the abandoned orphanage certainly looks the part for a haunted location. With room for 400 orphans (and later, 400 psychiatric patients), the abandoned building is a crumbling, decayed Victorian with an astounding total of 99,000 square feet. That includes an echoing, decaying assembly hall, a mortuary (of course), wandering corridors and dormitories, a total of nine separate psychiatric wards, ominous treatment rooms, and a vast kitchen with laundry.

The floors are connected by winding staircases with anti-suicide grills.

And at the very top floor, one particular attic corridor is lined with 14 so-called “naughty” cupboards. It was in these cupboards that children who were deemed unruly were punished by being locked in solitary confinement with no light.

Of course, it’s haunted. It almost has to be haunted. The only surprise fact about a little girl ghost being sighted is that only one little girl ghost was sighted, instead of a whole orphanage full of crying little girl ghosts.

Check out the photo gallery below, including the blown-up photo of the most recent ghost girl sighting and tell us what you think — is the abandoned orphanage-insane asylum haunted?

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