Top 5 Most Haunted Roads

Or, Spooky Places To Avoid At Night

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Ghosts Aren’t Just For Houses:Top 5 Most Haunted Roads


Apparently some ghosts have taken their shows to the road… and this list will tell you just which roads to avoid if you don’t want to hear anything go bump in the night on your next drive.

haunted tunnel

First up, Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland. It looks creepy enough, doesn’t it? It gets better… or worse. Apparently, this Swiss road is haunted by an old lady. One report shows that two women actually claimed to pick the old lady up, and were told by the old lady that “something dreadful was going to happen.” Then, with her message apparently delivered, she disappeared.

haunted road

Not scary enough? Let’s try Stocksbridge Road, also known as the “Killer Road.” Located in the United Kingdom, there have been numerous ghost sightings reported… and of more than one ghost, as well. There’s the ghost of a monk who likes to show up on the bridge on Stocksbridge Road. And then there are the ghost children (aren’t those always the scariest?). Some of the sightings of these ghost children actually come from security guards, who said they saw children playing on the road late one night… but the kids disappeared before the guards could reach them. Workmen often reported children singing in the night, as well.

hwy 666


But let’s bring it a little closer to home with Highway 666 in the United States. Here there have been reports of speeding ghost cars — including a flaming, demonic semi-truck that reportedly seems to drive directly at spooked travelers — as well as packs of devil dogs. Also, people tend to disappear from this stretch of road, losing their sense of time and sometimes not being found until days later. The name was changed from Highway 666 to 491, and, strangely enough, accidents did decrease… but it is still known as America’s “Highway to H*ll.”

haunted road hong kong

Then there is Tuen Mun Road, located in Hong Kong. There is a disproportionately high number of car accidents on this road, and people there blame the local ghosts. Apparently, these ghosts will appear suddenly, right in front of a driver, forcing the driver to swerve and inevitably crash. Furthermore, just to guarantee there is never a shortage, they say that each new car accident fatality results in a new ghost haunting the road.

old boy bridge

But if you are looking for a little more personal interaction from your ghostly encounters, try Clinton Road, in New Jersey, at the Old Boy Bridge. If you toss in a coin, the ghost of a boy who drowned there will toss it back up to you. And if that isn’t creepy enough, there have also been sightings of UFOs, mutated circus animals, and mysterious glowing eyes.

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