Review of His Lordship’s Vow

Or, My Thoughts On Cheryl Bolen’s Regency Romance
his lordships vow
Author’s Back Cover Blurb:

Bereft of beauty as well as fortune, the exceedingly plain Miss Jane Featherstone has failed to attract any suitor during her three Seasons. Rather than be a burden to her brother and his obnoxious wife, Miss Featherstone vows to accept the first man who asks—even though she’s always worshipped a lord who’s far above her touch. . .

Lord Slade must marry an heiress in order to honor the deathbed vow he made to his father, and he needs Miss Featherstone’s help in wooing her beautiful cousin. After her initial anger, Miss Featherstone agrees to his scheme, telling him she’s doing so because she admires his Parliamentary record of humanitarian legislation and his reverence for truth. But the more he’s with the two cousins, the more attracted he becomes to Miss Featherstone. What’s a man of his word to do? Break a vow to a beloved father—or follow his heart with Miss Featherstone?

My Review:

Cheryl Bolen has written a lovely short regency with His Lordship’s Vow. I thoroughly enjoyed the unlikely romance between a plain Jane and the sexy Lord Slade as they both struggle with feelings they don’t expect. The story is shorter than a traditional novel, so some plot points are rushed and a few times I wished the author had given herself more room to explore the romance, but overall, it was a quick and sweet read.

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