My Review of Sundered by Shannon Mayer

Book Cover Blurb:

My name is Mara and I want desperately to become a mother. All of my dreams were dashed when the world was promised hope but instead became a place of danger, death . . . and monsters.

Living in a rural part of Canada, I thought life with my adoring husband was finally moving in the right direction. We had an idyllic home, friends, and plans for a future together.

The only thing missing, was the child we both so desperately wanted.

Hope came in the form of a single medical miracle. Yet the drug was not as it seemed and instead of healing, it beget a world of monsters.

Now we must find the will and strength to survive with only each other to hold onto.

But a deadly secret threatens our love and very survival …

My Review of Sundered:

I have to be honest, I downloaded this ebook because of the cover–the font, the title, the graphics. I didn’t know the author or what it was about, but was very interested. Judging a book. I know, I know. Luckily this little novella was worth the chance I gave it.

Though the premise takes a stretch of the imagination–a new miracle drug called Nevermore claims to cure everything from infertility to obesity and 90% of the population on earth lines up for the shot–it’s completely within the realm of believability, in my opinion, that a man-made drug could cause people to transform into zombie-like creatures. That’s exactly what happens in the story. So many people get the ‘miracle drug’ and so quickly, almost everyone on earth transforms into animalistic monsters before anyone realizes what’s happening.

Mara is a wife struggling with infertility and she nearly takes the Nevermore shot, but for a twist of fate. Through her eyes we witness the world around her crumble.

What I enjoyed about Sundered is that it’s a quick, fast-paced read about the apocalypse. There was no fluff, no slow pacing, no extraneous scenes. Everything I read raced toward the end. It was a fun, fluffy read in a genre I really enjoy. I’d recommend this novella to any fans of the genre.

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