Review of Bite Me (London Undead)

Or, My Thoughts On PJ Schnyder’s Paranormal Romance
bite me
Author’s Back Cover Blurb:

Few people walk the streets of London since the zombie outbreak, but that’s not an issue for Seth. As a werewolf, he can handle himself and save humans reckless enough to take a nighttime stroll. While on patrol he comes across a group of people under attack. The one woman brave enough to take a stand against the zombies catches his eye—and not just because of her way with a gun. Learning the beautiful woman is homeless and fends for herself only intensifies his urge to protect and care for her.

Maisie can’t help but admit that she’s attracted to her werewolf rescuer. She’s drawn to Seth’s strength and ferocity, and finds herself opening up to him in ways she never imagined, even though she’s determined to not rely on Seth or anyone else. She doesn’t want another person to get hurt—or die—for her sake. She has enough scars, physical and emotional, from the last time…

But when Seth realizes something is drawing the zombies to Maisie, there may be nothing he can do to save her…

My Review:

First, this is a novella, so it’s a very quick slice of a larger world, but it’s a world I really enjoyed. Maisie is a wounded young woman with inner strength and survival skills to spare. Running into Seth, a giant werewolf, during a zombie fight is either the best or the worst thing to ever happen to her.

I loved this story. I’m a sucker for anything to do with zombies, so I enjoyed the fact that London is infested with them and normal people are simply trying to survive the best they can. The characters were both strong and sexy, and I cared about the situation Schnyder put them in. I’d love to read more by this author.

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