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Category: The Night Trevor’s Soul Came Loose

Tuesday Teaser (“The Night Trevor’s Soul Came Loose”)

Or, Take A Peek At My Short Ghost Story

Teaser 12 Trev


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<3 Anna

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New Cover For The Night Trevor’s Soul Came Loose

Or, Sweet ‘n Spicy Designs Does It Again

Isn’t the new cover for my short story, The Night Trevor’s Soul Came Loose, beautiful? I love it.

You can find the ghost story on Wattpad, Amazon, and my blog.



<3 Anna


My 1st Post to Wattpad!

Or, Check Out My New Short Story, “The Night Trevor’s Soul Came Loose,” For Free

If you haven’t logged onto Wattpad yet I recommend you give it a try. Millions of readers sample free stories, novels, and poetry every month.

Today, I’m posting a short story near and dear to my heart: “The Night Trevor’s Soul Came Loose.” I wrote it when I was seventeen years old and I have always loved the idea, but it’s not ready to be a novel. So, I’m posting it for free on Wattpad and here on my blog under the new SHORT STORIES tab on the homepage.

I hope you like it! And if you do please vote and comment.

<3 Anna

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Tuesday Tease #14

Or, An Excerpt From My Upcoming Short Story The Night Trevor’s Soul Came Loose

I spot the nursing station and decide to hold a little sanity test. “Excuse me,” I say to the nearest female, a young woman with way too much foundation on her face. “Do you see the man standing behind me?” I glance back to double-check he’s still there. He is.


I look again. “Is there a person right there?” I point. “See him?”

She leans way over the counter. “Where?”

It’s official. I’m hallucinating. “Never mind.”

The Night Trevor’s Soul Came Loose ms pg 8

<3 Anna

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