New Glyphs From Spell of Vanishing

Or, I Sketched Some Ideas For Spell Marks My Characters Use In The Dark Caster Series

spell marks glyphs

Anchors represent salvation and hope.

The bridge, the X, the chalice, and the six-stringed harp create links between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

A six-pointed star is the symbol of the human soul.

The zodiac sign for Libra and the scales both symbolize cosmic justice.

A bell represents power.

The zodiac sign for Virgo is a balance of positive and negative forces.

The last two are my own creations:

The open-ended spiral is used in the overwhelming joy spell.

The variation on the Celtic cross is used to cast black magic.

These, and others, are used by the necromancers in the Dark Caster Series.

<3 Anna

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