Is Your House Haunted?

Or, Tips For Ridding Your Home Of ‘Ghosts’

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Strange Noises, Unexplained Cold Patches? Is Your House Haunted?

Written in July 2014

is your house haunted

It’s not easy living in a haunted house — all those strange noises, all those unexplained cold patches.

Fortunately, ridding your home of apparent paranormal activity can be a relatively straightforward exercise.

With a sense of adventure and the right tools, you shouldn’t even need to engage the services of a psychic.

Here, for your ghostbusting information, are the most common signs of a haunted house — and how to get rid of them.

Unexplained noises

That scraping sound at night could be the sound of a long-dead former occupant of your house trying to do your head in. Or it could be the noise of branches rubbing against the roof.

Wait until daylight to check for overhanging branches and remove any before they cause damage.

Creaking could be mischief from beyond the grave, or it could be a symptom of changes in temperature and humidity. Old houses are especially prone to expanding and contracting with changes in atmospheric conditions, as nails and pipes rub against wood.

If the noise is more of a skittering sound, investigate the possibility of rodents — either tottering over your roof or living inside your attic. Droppings, bite marks and remnants of nests are sure sign it’s time to call in the pest exterminator.

Doors opening and closing

It can be unsettling, waking up to find doors open you could have sworn you’d closed before you went to bed. Unsettling, but completely explainable. Misaligned doors do that: they open when you’ve shut them and swing about with a mind of their own.

If you fancy yourself as a home handyman — or woman — loosen the hinges, move the door so it’s sitting square, then tighten the hinges again. In severe cases, you might need to remove the door and plane the edge to prevent scraping. Sound too complicated? Phone your friendly neighbourhood handyman.

Lights turning on and off

Nothing says ooger-booger quite like electrical disturbances. But before you invest in a Ouija board, it might be worth checking the wiring in your home. The internet is awash with DIY electrical websites but common sense dictates that electrical charges and amateur handypeople don’t mix. This is one for the professionals.

is your house haunted 2

Cold patches

If walking past a certain spot in the house sends chills down your spine, it’s time to check if something is causing a draught. One technique is to hold a lit candle near windows on a windy day. Air getting in where it shouldn’t will cause the candle to flicker. Remedy the situation by installing weather stripping, erecting curtains or replacing the window.

For cold patches on walls, consider better insulation.

Feeling like you’re being watched

As Joseph Heller wrote in Catch-22, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. If you feel like you’re being watched, sweep the house for hidden security cameras.

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