My Review of Pamfiloff’s King’s

Or, What I Thought Of The 1st Book In The King Trilogy

kings mimi pamfiloff


I wasn’t sure what to think of King’s. By the 50% mark I was completely turned off by the hero, King. He said things like, “Shut the f**k up,” and “Look at me when I speak to you” to the heroine, Mia Turner. When Mia disobeys him by trying to escape he punishes her. And not the kinky, sexy, fun kind of punish. No, he just hurts her. At that point, I didn’t know how I would ever have sympathy for this sadist.

Second, I thought I was reading a novel about a vampire hero, so when Mia asks King if he’s a vampire and he responds with something like, “Are you a silly child? Vampires don’t exist,” I was disappointed. Call me immature, but I enjoy reading about vampires.

The fact that the novel ends on a cliffhanger only frustrated me further.

Bottom line: The book is well written, I just think the hero could have shown a smidgeon more human emotions before the final chapter. I hope the story improves in book two, but I probably won’t be reading it.

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