Devon Pub Haunted By Shakespeare?

Or, Landlords Call In Ghostbusters For Help

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Devon Landlord Calls in Ghostbusters After Claiming his Pub is Haunted by Shakespeare

Written in Jan. 2015

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A landlord has called in the ghostbusters claiming his pub is being haunted – by William SHAKESPEARE.

The ‘Real Investigators of the Paranormal’ have visited the Jolly Sailor in East Ogwell, Devon, to seek out a ghostly figure that has been haunting the bar.

Landlord John Turner said he didn’t believe in ghosts until he took over the Jolly Sailor but was keen to find out more about its history.

He said: “It’s a friendly ghost, we just want to find out more about him. The figure looks a bit like a William Shakespeare.

“Now that these discoveries have been made, hopefully we’ll be able to find out more about the history of the ghost and where it might have come from.”

Chris Marshall, chairman of Real Investigators of the Paranormal, said its mediums detected a priest and two monks in the bar, along with a young man.

He said: “They also connected with the names Loar Wakefield, a William Webber and a John Webber.

“A few orbs were also spotted and dark shadows were noticed in the skittles alley.”

The Jolly Sailor dates back to the 13th century when sailors would come inland to avoid the press gang.

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