Remedy (Red Plague Series) Alternate Endings

Or, Really Fun Ideas That Make Little Sense
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It was so fun to write Remedy. I had dozens of dramatic scenes bouncing around my head, but these two alternate endings just didn’t fit into the final plot or fit with the characters.

At one point early on in writing the book I imagined that after Callie witnessed Levi nearly murder Roman she would run away, back to her island paradise. I loved the idea of Roman following her into the unknown. I adored their reunion in the splashing surf.

But the more I thought about it, the less I liked Callie abandoning Roman. The poor guy had been left behind by everyone he’d ever cared about. If Callie truly loved him, she wouldn’t leave him.

So, I re-wrote the end. Callie still left, but had a change of heart and returned to share a romantic reunion at the wall around the heart of Washington DC.

But it still bothered me that Callie abandoned Roman. So, though their meeting at the wall was terribly dramatic, I had to start from scratch.

I won’t spoil the final ending in the published version, but if you’ve read Remedy, I hope you enjoy seeing how things might have ended up differently for Callie and Roman.

Remedy Alternate Ending #1

Remedy Alternate Ending #2

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