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One Fun Summer (Colorado Edition)

Or, A Photo Timeline Of My Summer Trip!

I was so excited to start my summer leapfrog across the country, and back again, that I could barely contain myself.

photo (2)
Just a wee bit excited!

The first stop on our cross country trip was Colorado where we played around with NORAD in the distance …

My daughter holding NORAD up. Good thing she’s strong!

We were lucky enough to stay with my cousins, meet the new baby, and catch up with family we haven’t seen in about two years. My sweet little cousin surprised us with homemade monkey bread from biscuits made from scratch. My mouth is still watering.

photo (3)
Life changing monkey bread.
My darling cousin peeking at me through the grate at the top of the slide.
My darling cousin peeking at me through the grate at the top of the slide.
My little buddy took a break on my lap while I tried to get some editing in.
My daughter bonding with her newest cousin. This moment was worth the whole trip! <3

Being in Colorado was such a lovely experience, but my body couldn’t adjust that quickly to the change in elevation. At home, I live at sea level. In Colorado I couldn’t cross the room without panting. Yeah, I think I’ll stick to my beach community.

<3 Anna





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