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Review of Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols

Or, My Thoughts On One Of My Fave YA Novels

such a rush

I love everything Jennifer Echols writes, but this story rings the most honest and realistic of the bunch. My grandmother grew up in a series of low-rent trailer parks, was raised by a negligent out-of-work waitress mother, and had sex early. Just like Leah, the heroine of Such a Rush. Echols got the feelings and insecurities perfectly, in my opinion.

Leah learns to fly, which gives her a path out of trailers and debt collectors and loser boyfriends, but only if she fights to stay on that path. There are a lot of setbacks along the way, and just when it seems all is lost for poor Leah, she figures out how to be happy and secure in her life.

I highly recommend!

<3 Anna

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Review of Jennifer Echols’ Major Crush

Or, A Re-Reading Of One Of My All-Time Faves

major crush

Reading Major Crush, or reading it for the third time, is such an unexpected pleasure. It’s a sparkly, hilarious, witty, frothy YA delight from beginning to end.

Virginia has a lot of problems. Her best friend is in love with her. The boy she crushes on doesn’t know she exists. She’s not getting along with her dad. And she has to share being drum major of her high school band, even though she deserves to be the one-and-only girl in charge.

If you love funny, sweet, smart YA then you won’t go wrong with Major Crush. Or anything Jennifer Echols writes, to be honest.

<3 Anna

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