Review of Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols

Or, My Thoughts On One Of My Fave YA Novels

such a rush

I love everything Jennifer Echols writes, but this story rings the most honest and realistic of the bunch. My grandmother grew up in a series of low-rent trailer parks, was raised by a negligent out-of-work waitress mother, and had sex early. Just like Leah, the heroine of Such a Rush. Echols got the feelings and insecurities perfectly, in my opinion.

Leah learns to fly, which gives her a path out of trailers and debt collectors and loser boyfriends, but only if she fights to stay on that path. There are a lot of setbacks along the way, and just when it seems all is lost for poor Leah, she figures out how to be happy and secure in her life.

I highly recommend!

<3 Anna