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Is This Georgia Hospital Haunted?

Or, Decide For Yourself

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Is This Old Hospital Really Haunted?

The Child Advocacy Center of Coffee County, which serves five counties is in the process of moving into a historic building on East Ward Street.

The building was the county’s hospital from 1935 to 1953, then served as the library and even board of education.

Author and  Former Assistant Superintendent  Julian Williams worked in the building as the assistant superintendent.

He says ghosts are known to haunt the building. Not only has he written a book about it, he has seen the ghost himself. “It’s just a very practical building to use. And it’s too nice to throw away I think. A lot of history, and I don’t know where the ghost would go.”

The child advocacy center bought the building for just $500.

In addition to their services, they’re adding a rape crisis center and onsite mental health therapy.

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