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Beasts of Vegas BTS Character Interview (Maks)

Or, I Ask Maksim Volk A Few Questions

*This interview appeared on JB’s Bookworms in March 2018.

Q: Thank you for joining us today, Maksim Volk. Tell us a little bit about your story, Blooddrinker’s ProphecyIs there anything you would change if Anna Abner offered to?

Maksim Volk: To be honest, I’d rather Ms. Abner left me the hell out of her stories. I’m not a character in a book. This is my actual life. By sharing this so-called novel, she’s screwed my anonymity all to hell.

Q: How would you describe Anna Abner?

MV: Not cool. She took my private life and splashed it all over the internet.

Q: Do you feel like she portrayed you correctly?

MV: Hell, no. I’m not nearly as kind as she thinks I am. I have very little sympathy or loyalty to humans. My daughter, excepted.

Q: How about others in the story. Do you feel she did well with them?

MV: ::huffs a disgusted snort:: She made Connor Beckett out to be some kind of hero, though he’s a giant twat. She didn’t describe Oleksander the Destroyer half as diabolical as he really was. The only thing she sort of got right is what a decent young woman Ali Rusenko is. Though, if you ask me, Ali’s even sweeter than Abner portrayed her.

Q: You might be wondering why I’m wearing a scarf on a hot sunny day. It’s not that I don’t trust you ::tightens the scarf:: or anything. I’m just deathly allergic to vampire venom. You know like some people are with bees? So, please don’t bite me.

MV: I’ve considered it, believe me, but your questions amuse me. Continue, and I won’t drain you. Despite what Ms. Abner writes, I have some self-control.

Q: Okay, now that that’s settled. Who created you in the story?

MV: I was turned at seventeen by none other than Oleksander the Destroyer.

Q: Was there a reason for your creation?

MV: He was building an army, and he incorrectly assumed I was a murderer without conscience. Luckily, I’m a world-class liar or I never would have survived this long.

Q: Were you happy or angry about the transition from human to bloodsuc–, I mean vampire?

MV: I wasn’t given a choice, but I took to it like a fish to water, like I was born to carry the infection.

Q: What’s your favorite blood type?

MV: Moppet, the infection is too overpowering for niceties like tastes or preferences. Blood is blood, and I drink it all with equal pleasure.

Q: Where is your favorite place to dine? Some of us might want to avoid any late-night forays there in the future.

MV: Since being forcibly relocated to Las Vegas, I have learned to appreciate American cuisine. Bazaar Meats is one of my new favorite haunts.

Q: Have you seen any more stories in the recesses of Anna Abner’s mind?

MV: From what I gather, she has volumes and volumes of ideas, more’s the pity.

Q: Do you get to play a part in any of those stories?

MV: I can only hope she leaves my daughter and me out of any future novels.

Q: You’re no stranger to darkness. What is your author’s darkest secret?

MV: She reads ::shudders:: superhero comic books.

Q: If Abner makes you mad, you could just bite her when she’s sleeping, you know.

MV: Don’t think I haven’t fantasized about just such a night, moppet.


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Beasts of Vegas BTS Character Interview (Connor)

Or, I Ask Hero Connor Beckett A Few Questions

*This character interview appeared at Author’s Secrets in March 2018.

Pull up a chair, grab a drink, a chocolate chip cookie from the plate, and let’s find out a little about The Shopgirl’s Prophecy! Please introduce us to your guests.
Anna Abner: This handsome guy standing next to me is Connor Beckett and the late arrival is Alina Rusenko, the heroine of The Shopgirl’s Prophecy.
Q: Okay, lets start with ConnorWhat event in your past has left the most indelible impression on you?
Connor Beckett: I don’t want to talk about my dad leaving, okay? But if you want something that screwed me up, when my prophecy came out, my whole life got tipped upside down. I went from a mediocre engineering student to a giant disappointment. People who’ve never met me hate me now.

Q: What do you most value?

CB: I don’t really have anything that belongs to me anymore. I live in a hotel. Everything I have was bought by our investors. But if you’re asking what means the most to me, then it’s the memories I have growing up with my grandpa. He was a great man who taught me about respect, hard work, and honor, and I can never repay him.

Q: What is the type of woman you want to spend the rest of your life with?

CB: I’m a little distracted right now with the end of the human race, though I will say I’m partial to blonde cheerleader types.

Q: What do you consider most important in life?

CB: There’s nothing more important than family, and sometimes the family you create is even more important than the family you were born into.

Q: What is your biggest secret?

CB: Well, it wouldn’t be much of a secret if I told everyone who asked. But most people wouldn’t know by looking at me that my bank account is bulging at the seams. That’s all I’m going to say.

Q: Alina Rusenko, who are you really?

AR: Why? What have you heard?

Q: Who were the biggest role models in your life?

AR: My father taught me a lot. Everything I am came from him. I think my mom could have been a big role model for me, but I wasn’t lucky enough to have her growing up.

Q: What kind of man do you want to spend the rest of your life with? (or if you don’t want romance – Why not?)

AR: Romance just isn’t in my future. I’m happy being single, really. It’s safer that way, for everyone.

Q: What kind of man would you never choose?

AR: I’ve had bad experiences with popular jocks. I definitely will never waste time on one of those beefy jerks.

Q: What is most important to you in life?

AR: I value my privacy, as well as peace and quiet.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

AR: There are things I must keep secret, for everyone’s safety. It’s why I live such a secluded life in London.

Q: Anna, tell us a little about writing this story. Was it fun or difficult? Do your characters always act as you expect? Are you a plotter, or fly (write) by the seat of your pants?

AA: Shopgirl’s Prophecy is the beginning of a paranormal series I’ve been obsessed with for over ten years. I’ve always loved this story, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Writing it wasn’t difficult at all! It was a joy to create each character, each setting, and each turning point. That’s not to say the novel didn’t go through several iterations. In one, Oleksander had a mother more vicious than he is. In another, the entire novel takes place in the Ukrainian countryside. But I’m very happy with the final version, and I love the way it turned out.

When I started Shopgirl’s Prophecy, I was a pantser, writing in whichever direction the wind blew. Over time, though, I learned to embrace organization and planning. Currently, before I write a novel, I complete a pre-writing packet and use it as a blueprint for plot and characters. It helps me feel more in control of my work.


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Author Interview with Rose Montague

Or, Meet Rose Montague the Paranormal Author of Jade!


Back Cover Blurb:

Three against Three Hundred. Jade is a little bit shifter, a little bit witch, a little bit Fae, a little bit vamp, and a whole lot of fun. Jade has arranged things so she is partnered with a shifter bear as police detectives on a big case involving vamps killing humans. There is some mystery to the book and many surprises. Jade’s origins, where she came from and why she is here are revealed along the way. A lot of humor , action, and fun involving a visit to Faerie, assassination attempts, adventures in driving, a magical dagger, and a little romance happen along the way. By the end, much of the mystery and her beast is revealed, and her origins and background are explained. All of this with a good deal of humor and some real shockers along the way.

Anna Abner: Welcome to my site, Rose, and thank you for stopping by to tell us about your writing and publishing experience. First, how did you come up with the idea for Jade?

Rose Montague: I love urban fantasy and I am a big fan of strong female characters. Jade is my idea of a mix of different supernatural creatures. How she became that way is part of the mystery in the book. There are a lot of surprises in Jade and that is one of them.

AA: Do you think there is a lot of you in Jade’s character?

RM: I wish I had a few of Jade’s talents! I think there is a lot of my philosophy in Jade. I also enjoy a bit of humor and romance mixed in with all the action. My goal in writing Jade was to have fun writing a fun book to read.

AA: If this is part of a series, can you tell us what is coming up for Jade?

RM: Jade, Jane, and Jill team up in the first book to solve a series of crimes. Book Two will be called Jane, and Book Three will be called Jill. They call themselves the Three J’amigo’s. Jane is a powerful vampire and Jill is Fae. The main theme in Jade is friendship and that theme will carry on throughout all three books.

AA: When did you know you were a writer?

RM: I always wanted to write and I love to read. I recently developed some back problems that would wake me up in the early hours of the morning. What a great time to write with no distractions. The majority of Jade was written between the hours of 4AM and 6AM. Coffee was a big help. I realized I was a real writer about a third of the way through Jade. I was learning this writing thing by doing it and some of my friends were reading what I had so far. When they started having fun with it was when I realized I had the makings of a fun book.

AA: Why write paranormals?

RM: When I was young I loved Sci-Fi. That led me to the fantasy and paranormal genres where I found true happiness.

AA: Have you ever thought of writing in other genres?

RM: I am writing a short story now (that seems to want to be a novella) for a charity anthology about the life of a cat. I am pretty excited about it.

AA: Sounds interesting! Tell us about your writing process.

RM: I try to write about one thousand words per day. Some days it doesn’t happen but other days I do more than that. After Jade was published I focused more on marketing and promoting and now I am trying to find the right balance to do both.

AA: Are you a pantser or a plotter?

RM: I have a basic outline and I usually go off the reservation but eventually come back. It does help to know where you are going, especially if there is some mystery involved. And the ending is a real key. Once you have an outline and a really good ending, you can let the story tell itself.

AA: What was your publishing experience?

RM: I was lucky enough to find a publisher that thought Jade was a terrific read. A small publisher called Eternal Press offered me a contract. The submission process is pure torture and I had eight rejections before that. I just kept tweaking and self-editing. Eternal Press is a small publisher but they took care of all the expenses involved from a real editor, to cover art, getting the ISBN’s and formatting the book for print and eBook.

AA: What advice would you give to new or struggling authors?

RM: If you want to be an author you are going to have to sit down and write. The more you write the better you will get at writing. Just thinking about doing it won’t get it done.

AA: Thanks for stopping by, Rose, and good luck in the future.

Contact Info



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Jade Author Rose Montague Q&A Coming Feb. 17!

Or, Check Back In A Few Days To Meet Paranormal Author Rose Montague

Feb. 17, Rose Montague will be joining us for an interview. Come read about how she came up with the idea for Jade and what she has planned next.


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Author Interview with Suza Kates

Or, Meet Savannah Coven Author Suza Kates

Boys' Night Out 2


Dr. Michael Black’s world has seen a lot of changes over the past year, and falling for a witch who chats with his animal patients has been the best one by far. He’s decided to make it official, so the men associated with the coven insist on helping him celebrate.

Michael is popping the question to the woman he loves, the coven has only two trials to go before the prophecy is fulfilled, and the guys want to throw him a bachelor party. Sounds like a plan.

And no demon is going to stand in his way.

Anna Abner: Welcome Suza! Thanks for stopping by. Can you tell us when you knew you were a writer?

Suza Kates: In 2001, I began writing to keep myself entertained in my tiny apartment in Germany. I had no TV, was out of books, and it was too cold to go to the library! After a few chapters, I was hooked on writing.

AA: And you chose to write paranormal romances. What was it about paranormals that drew you in?

SK: The darkness, danger, and infinite possibilities.

AA: Would you ever write in other genres?

SK: Sure, I already have some romantic suspense titles out and have an adventure series in the plotting stages.

AA: What inspired you to write the Savannah Coven series?

SK: As a fan of Nora Roberts’ Three Sisters Island trilogy, I wanted to write something with witches. I’ve always enjoyed stories with friendships and camaraderie, so this was an element I wanted to include in the Savannah Coven books. The place…well, I live in Savannah and had easy access!

AA: How much research is involved in your novels?

SK: I always research places to make sure I’m as accurate as possible, but it honestly depends on what I’m including in the book. My adventure/historical work takes a lot more research than paranormal or suspense.

AA: What is your day-to-day process like?

SK: It varies, but the planning and plotting start long before I actually get to chapter one. I must have a candle burning, though.  : )

AA: What a great detail! I’ll bet it helps you come up with spooky new ideas. When you’re not plotting by candlelight, what authors do you enjoy reading?

SK: Jennifer Estep, Julie Kagawa, Kathy Reichs, Kresley Cole. I have plenty more and read every day.

AAI’m also a Romance Writers of America (RWA) member. Can you describe the benefits of being a member?

SK: Education that is invaluable. My first RWA changed my life, and that’s not just an expression. I received guidance and encouragement, and being around so many other authors really amps you up!

AA: I agree completely. You’ve mentioned needing a candle burning as part of your creative process. Any favorite snack or drink that sits next to your keyboard?

SK: Coffee in the morning and chai tea in the evening (my recipe, low cal and almost as good as Starbucks!)

AA: Sounds delicious! Last question. What can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

SK: After the last two books in the Savannah Coven Series, I have another paranormal series coming out. A quadrology, if that’s a word. If not…it is now! All I can reveal at this point is there will be magic, but the world and environment will be very different from the SCS.

AA: Thanks again, Suza, for stopping by.

Contact Info


Amazon Author Page

Twitter: @Suza Kates

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Announcing Suza Kates Q&A On Jan 29th

Or, Check Back In A Couple Weeks For The Interview With Paranormal Writer Suza Kates

Exciting news! Savannah Coven Series author Suza Kates will be stopping by on the 29th for an author interview. I can’t wait to chat with her and find out what’s coming next for her Savannah witches.

And don’t forget to check out her website.

<3 Anna

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Author Interview With Christine Rains

Or, Welcome Back The Author Of The 13th Floor


Six supernatural tenants
Living in a haunted apartment building
On a floor that doesn’t exist.

Six novellas telling their tales. 

A retired demon acquires a price on his head.

A werewolf is hunted by her pack.

A modern day dragonslayer misses his target.

A harpy challenges Zeus for the soul of the man she loves.

A vampire is obsessed with a young woman he can’t find.

A banshee falls in love with someone who’s death she has seen in a vision.

And a sweet ghost must battle a primal monster to save them all.

Welcome back, Christine! I’ve finished your 13th Floor series, and I loved it. I’m so glad you’ve returned to tell us about the 13th Floor collection, now available for download.

Anna Abner: When you started writing The Marquis did you know you were starting a series?

Christine Rains: Yes. I knew even before I started to write that I wanted to do a series of novellas. I wanted to showcase my writing and give everyone a sense of the kind of writer I am.

AA: Did you have a detailed game plan from the beginning for each story or did ideas develop over time?

CR: I’m a pantser. I’d love to say I plotted it all out, but I had no idea how each story would develop or even how they were going to link to one another until I wrote them. I started with a story concept or a character idea and went from there.

AA: Luck plays a part in The Dragonslayer when Xan believes he failed in a task after accepting a cursed token. In your own life do you believe in luck?

CR: I do believe in luck. Being in the right place at the right time can make all the difference. Yet I also believe that through hard work and perseverance, you can reach places luck can’t take you. I don’t believe in lucky or unlucky items, though. That’s all in the heads of those that believe them.

AA: The Harbringer was my favorite story in the series. Was it fun to write a heroic journey set in Olympus?

CR: It was so much fun to write The Harbinger. I wanted to keep a lot of the classic mythology about heroes and gods, but I wanted to modernize them at the same time. Bits like gods using iPhones or using the coliseum as a skate park made me giggle.

AA: How much research did you have to do for The Harbringer?

CR: I’ve always loved Greek myths, and so I already had in mind the gods and myths I wanted to play with in my story. I researched all the gods, looking for not so popular tidbits and stories on their relationships. I needed to know how they interacted with each other to create a realistic divine soap opera.

AA: Well, great job! That story was a kick to read. Speaking of gods and goddesses, in the series you wrote dozens of characters including demons, harpies, witches, banshees, vampires, and werewolves. Did you have a favorite supernatural character to write?

CR: It’s hard to choose just one. The banshee and harpy were new types of characters for me. I like to experiment with different ones, but the ones I write the most about are demons. They have a wide range of powers and looks. There are so many myths to play upon, and I thoroughly enjoy making up my own rules for demons in a world.

AA: I loved the mix of modern movie monsters with beings like banshees, harpies and Greek gods. What made you decide to incorporate so many different supernatural creatures into your series?

CR: I wanted a rich urban fantasy world which brought every legend and fairy tale alive. I like the idea that there’s truth behind every myth. I also enjoy stories that have a variety of supernatural beings. We get not only human fears and prejudices, but those amongst the various creatures in the world.

AA: I know you use beta readers in your writing process. Can you give us a quick definition of a beta reader and how they help you improve your stories?

CR: A beta reader reads through the manuscript looking at plot, character, setting, and background as well as the overall story. They don’t need to go into as much detail as critique partners, nor do they need to worry about editing. (Even though there are beta readers like mine who are generous enough to do so!) It’s helpful to have at least one beta reader who reads and/or writes in your genre. My beta readers are awesome. They’re very different in the way they critique. Each focuses on things that the others miss, and I receive an excellent all-around critique from them.

AA: Who are your favorite authors to read in your down time?

CR: Stephen King, Richelle Mead, and Karen Marie Moning are three of my favorite authors. Recently, I’ve been reading a dark fantasy series by Joseph Delaney called The Last Apprentice. They start off as MG, but they grow with the protagonist. The series is incredibly original, and Delaney has done some excellent world building.

AA: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

CR: I’d like to write more short stories and sharpen my writing skills. I’m still not sure which project I’m going to tackle next. I want to take one of my older manuscripts and revise it so I can query it. I have at least three I’m trying to decide between.

AA: Good luck with all your endeavors. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

CR: Thank you so much for having me here today, Anna.


Connect with Christine Rains at




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Announcing Interview with Paranormal Author Christine Rains on Oct. 15

Or, Come Back Soon To Find Out More About The 13th Floor Series

Backstairs - 5 - in an apartment building.

I am lucky enough to be interviewing 13th Floor creator Christine Rains on my blog October 15. Check back in for answers to your burning questions and updates about her latest collection.

<3 Anna

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Author Interview with Katherine Ganzel

Or, Meet Wattpad Star Katherine Ganzel

IMG_0114 profile

Author Bio: Katherine Ganzel is a married mother of two, who found herself with too much time on her hands when her children reached their late teens.  Looking for something to do, she began writing a love story based on an idea she’d had since she was a teenager.  20 months later, she is completing the sequel to that story.  Her books, Stolen Hearts and Love You Forever, have been posted on, a free reading and writing website, under the user name KatherineArlene.  The chapters of both books have been read over 1,000,000 times combined.  She currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband, two daughters,  three cats and two dogs.

Anna Abner: Welcome, Katherine. Let’s start with what made you post your novels to Wattpad rather than an online retailer like Amazon?

Katherine Ganzel: I had never written anything before, so the idea of pursuing self-publishing never occurred to me.  After working almost nonstop for 6 months, I felt I’d produced a fairly well written love story.  I thought there might be a few people who would enjoy reading it as much as I did, but at the same time it was a somewhat dark story that dealt with mature subjects and I wasn’t exactly comfortable having people I knew read it.  My whole goal with going on Wattpad was to share it with anyone who might be interested while remaining completely anonymous.

AA: That makes perfect sense! Then, what is the best part of sharing your writing on Wattpad?

KG: The most unique part of being an author on Wattpad is the interaction you’re able to have with the readers.  At the end of each chapter readers can make comments on what they’ve read which you can reply to, as well as giving it a vote.  They can also ‘follow’ you, which is similar to following on Twitter.  That allows you to send group messages to them and they also receive notifications as soon as you upload a chapter or start a new story.  Each user, whether they’re a reader or author, has a profile where you can leave personal messages as well.  I think it’s also unique because authors can be more proactive in reaching out to readers.  You can see when someone adds your book to their library or votes on a chapter which gives you the opportunity to thank them.

AA: Would you recommend Wattpad to new writers?

KG: I would definitely recommend WP for new authors!  The best part for me was getting so much feedback from regular readers.  First of all, just hearing they loved my story was a huge deal for me.  At the same time they let me know what parts they were responding well to, and they also pointed out problems, some of which were easily fixed with editing and some were huge plot holes I had no idea existed.  Since my story had a lot of mysterious elements, I was able to weave in those loose ends as I wrote the sequel.  I’m extremely grateful I posted my work on Wattpad first because the story that I ended up writing was a lot different from what I intended to write.  If I hadn’t had that feedback from my readers it wouldn’t have turned out nearly as well as it did.  Wattpad is also a great place to meet other authors.  It’s an incredibly supportive community and I’ve made some really good friends there.

AA: You’ve mentioned how much you love music. Do you write to any specific artists or genres?

KG: I wish I could write to music but I’m one of those people who has to have silence when I’m working because I’m easily distracted.  When I’m not writing, I listen to music all the time and I enjoy almost all genres but electronic dance music is what’s usually playing on my iPod.  Music is an incredible inspiration to me and I can point to certain scenes that were inspired or shaped by a song I heard.  One of the cool things about Wattpad is the ability to add YouTube videos to your chapters.  Since both my characters play the piano a lot in Stolen Hearts, I included a lot of piano music videos.  I wrote a list of all the songs I used in the story and posted it as the last chapter so readers could make their own Stolen Hearts playlist.

AA: Speaking of Stolen Hearts, which is great by the way, do you feel like your writing is more character or plot driven?

KG: Definitely more character driven.  I started Stolen Hearts with a basic idea, a young man, Robert, wakes up and finds he’s been kidnapped and being held a prisoner with a girl, Georgie, whom he assumes is one of the kidnappers.  The story that came after that, Robert coming to terms with his captivity, realizing Georgie wasn’t exactly who she seemed and then falling in love with her, just flowed out of me and was driven by the choices the characters made.  I had to be a lot more structured when I wrote Love You Forever because I needed a resolution to the story that included the answers to all the mysteries.  I also used flashbacks to tell what happened after Robert was released while in the current storyline he struggles with severe depression and P.T.S.D. after what he’s been through.  That required me to be a lot more careful with my plotting, but even then the characters sometimes surprised me with the choices they made.

AA: When you started Stolen Hearts did you know it would be part of a series or did it just end up that way?

KG: When I began posting the chapters on Wattpad I didn’t have an end to Robert and Georgie’s story because I’d run out of ideas.  It didn’t seem like that big of a deal at the time because I wasn’t sure anyone was going to read it.  After a few months, I’d built up a fan base of regular readers and realized I better start thinking about the ending.  It was clear that Stolen Hearts should end with Robert being taken out the prison, not knowing what was going to happen to Georgie, since the story was going to change dramatically after that.  What I’d already written after Robert was released, pointed me in the direction I should take Love You Forever to it’s final conclusion.

AA: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

KG: I knit quite a bit and make my own yarn on a spinning wheel.  I also enjoy doing bead work and making my own jewelry.  Oh, and I love to read.

AA: What advice would you give to struggling writers just starting out?

KG: Write what you love and don’t let anything take that enjoyment from you.  So few authors find success and for the millions who don’t, it can be terribly demoralizing.  Even on Wattpad there are extremely successful authors, ones with huge fan bases and who rack up millions of reads on their stories.  I realized early on I would go crazy if I spent my time worrying if I would ever be that successful.  I also believe that if you love what you’re writing, someone else will too.  I guess you can say I’m an optimist.

AA: Are there pieces of your writing that will never see the light of day?

KG: I guess I’m lucky that I’m so new at writing there isn’t too much terrible stuff lying around but I wrote a retelling of a fairy tale before Stolen Hearts that was pretty darn awful.  No one will ever be allowed to see that.

AA: Fair enough! What can you tell us about future projects (which I’m sure are not terrible at all)?

KG: My next story has been percolating in the back of my mind for a while as I’ve been finishing Love You Forever.  It will be a love story that takes place in the late 1950’s and center around a girl and two boys, but it won’t be a love triangle.  Since it’s not planned out completely, it’s hard for me to talk about it in depth but it will be dark and mysterious, just the sort of thing readers of Stolen Hearts will love, and I’ll be posting it on Wattpad.  I’m also mulling over the possibility of self-publishing Stolen Hearts and Love You Forever, but they need a lot of work before I take that next step.

Oui or Non

Contact Katherine:

Wattpad profile

Facebook page

Twitter @misskitty64

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