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Tuesday Teaser (Panacea #3)

Or, Take A Peek At The 1st Book In The Red Plague Series

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Enjoy this Free Red Plague Sneak Peek PDF full of excerpts and extras!

<3 Anna

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Final NaNoWriMo Update

Or, The End Is Finally In Sight!


This year I’m writing the final novel in my Dark Caster series for National Novel Writing Month, and so far it’s going great. Maybe it’s that I’ve already written two other novels this year (Panacea and Spell of Vanishing) so I’m in the groove, but this year has been the easiest so far. I’m over 40K words and I haven’t even written the climax or resolution yet. I know I’m going to be able to finish the contest with no problems (barring emergencies–knock on wood).

I’m thrilled to get this final book finished and edited so I can share it with those of you who have been reading my Dark Caster series from the very beginning.

Happy Thanksgiving!

<3 Anna

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Mid-Month NaNoWriMo Update

Or, My 1st 2 Weeks Of NaNo 2014

Current word count => 18,265.


I love November more than any other month. It’s the one month I get to wildly obsess about writing and be cheered for it. (I love my job!)

If you’ve ever thought of writing a novel, I encourage you to sketch out an idea next year and then take the NaNoWriMo challenge in 2015. You won’t regret it. Because even if you don’t meet the 50,000 words in 30 days goal, you will write much more than you would in a normal month.

Last year I wrote the final book in the Red Plague trilogy–Panacea.


This year I’m writing the final book in the Dark Caster series. (Title to be determined.) The cover below is from the first book in the series.



I work during the day and then am a mom and wife in the evenings. On top of that I write. What I learned right away is that I can’t procrastinate this month. Sometimes I wait to write until the time just “appears.” But that isn’t working right now. Not when I need a solid hour to complete 2000 words (my daily goal). With work, school, theater practice, violin lessons, dinner, etc., etc. I can’t squeeze in the time and go to sleep at a reasonable hour. So, I’m going to have to force myself to get up an hour early starting tomorrow morning, even though I’m not a morning person at all. But if I don’t get my word count in before I go to work I spend the entire day worrying about how to finish everything.

So, think of me bleary-eyed and pounding away on the keyboard tomorrow morning, slurping coffee by the quart as I try to do justice to Derek and Jessa’s story.

Thank goodness there’s December and National Editing Your Manuscript Month (If it doesn’t officially exist, it should!).

<3 Anna

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NaNoWriMo Is Almost Here!

Or, Are You Prepared To Write?


My favorite time of the year is upon us. November is National Novel Writing Month, and if you’ve ever had an inkling to write a book, this is your chance. You’ll benefit from tons of support from the online site as well as participants in your community.

Last year I wrote Panacea (Red Plague Trilogy #3) during NaNoWriMo. This year I’ll be writing the fourth and final installment of my Dark Caster Series.

If you’re participating, please let me know. We’ll keep each other sane during the next thirty days or so. 🙂

<3 Anna

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Red Plague Giveaway on GoodReads

Or, Your Last Day To Enter To Win!

This month I am giving away five copies of my zombie romance trilogy through GoodReads. Bonus–each paperback will be signed by me!


Link to GoodReads.

Back Cover Blurb:

The red plague has devastated the human race, turning billions of people into zombies with red eyes and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. 

The 212R virus sweeps through the population so quickly a possible cure is left to rot. Seventeen-year-old Maya Solomon may be the only survivor who knows where it is. But to reach the lab in Raleigh, North Carolina she will have to outrun the infected boy tracking her every step and cross into a city swarming with monsters.

<3 Anna


Red Plague Series an Amazon Daily Deal!

Or, The Best Email I’ve Ever Gotten

Today my YA series was a daily deal from Amazon. I had no idea Elixir, Antidote, and Panacea would be email blasted to Amazon customers, but I’m so proud and delighted.

elixir amazon daily deal small


<3 Anna

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My Top 4 Favorite Zombies

Or, Which Zombies Influenced The Red Plague Trilogy

The stories of risen dead originated in the voodoo religion, but they definitely got more fun when Hollywood took over. From the first zombie monster in 1932’s White Zombie to the decomposing walkers on The Walking Dead, zombies have always been my favorite movie monsters.


#4: Kyle from American Horror Story: Coven (2013-2014)

AHSKyle and Zoe had an instant attraction, but when he was killed the same night they met, what was a witch to do except piece him back together and raise him from the dead? He had a bumpy readjustment period, but with time Kyle learned to be (mostly) human again.


#3: Sophia from The Walking Dead (Current)

sophiaTechnically, all my favorite characters on the show are zombies since they have the zombie virus inside them. But of all the turned walkers poor Sophia broke my heart the worst. I really wanted her to be okay and when she re-appeared I cried for her, Carol, and all of them.


#2: Freddie from Return of the Living Dead (1985)

freddieThis movie gave me nightmares, and it will always be my favorite horror film. The wiggling dog corpse. The tar monster in the basement. The cemetery literally coming to life. Not only is this movie crazy scary, but I was emotionally invested in Freddie being the good guy who would get a happy ending. Nope. Zombie.


#1: R from Warm Bodies (2013)

warm bodiesIf all zombies were as adorable as Nicholas Hoult’s R, horror movies would be very different. First, the book was an amazing story I could not put down, but then the film was even better.


These characters, and countless others, inspired me to write my own zombie YA adventure, Elixir.

<3 Anna

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Red Plague Photos

Or, Things That Inspired Elixir, Maya & Ben

I live in North Carolina and everything around me inspired locations and characters in the Red Plague Trilogy, but here are some things that made me stop and imagine the series in a new way.

RP helicoptor 2
A helicopter flying over a NC highway. In the zombie apocalypse, this would be one of the first signs of trouble.
RP helicoptor
Another helicopter searching for the infected.
RP smoke
I was driving on I-40 near Raleigh when I spotted smoke in the distance which made me imagine all kinds of apocalypse scenarios.
RP forest road
An empty highway in NC surrounded by thick forest, just like in the book. Can you picture Maya and her companions traipsing down the center line?
RP forest road 2
Another NC highway flanked by pine trees.
RP 40
The I-40 near Raleigh, NC.
RP McDonalds
The McDonald’s (near Raleigh, NC) that catches Hunny’s attention.
RV exterior large
Maya, Pollard & Hunny take over an RV similar to this one at the end of Elixir.
2014-03-30 13.41.43
Finally, the adorable, real life inspiration for Hunny Green.

<3 Anna

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